Industry leaders are writing to the government for help with rising energy prices

Francis Marcelin, June 15, 2022

According to a UK Active study, energy costs in 2022 will increase by up to 150% compared to last year / Shutterstock

Major organizations in the UK leisure industry are working with governments to provide financial support to help businesses manage the effects of rising energy prices.

The newly formed coalition has sent a signed letter outlining the consequences of non-arrival of financial relief, showing why the sector needs help.

Related organizations are UK Active, Local Government Association, Chief Cultural and Leisure Officers Association (CLOA), Swim England, CIMSPA, District Councils’ Network (DCN), Community Leisure UK (CLUK).

The letter was addressed to Nadine Dorries, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports, and Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Level Up, Housing and Communities. The UK level-up plan Was announced by Michael Gove in February 2022. It focuses on reducing socio-economic imbalances and supports the idea that everyone in society should have access to public facilities of the same standards across the country.

“We are writing to demand your commitment to participate in urgent consultations with local government leaders and industry groups to address the impact of the energy crisis on the areas of fitness and leisure. “They write. “We recognize that this is a crisis affecting all aspects of our economy and society, but the predictions given in this letter are for sports and physical activity in this country in the coming months. We anticipate that some of our activity infrastructure will collapse. “

Debbie Kaye, Chair of CLOA, said: We know that Covid is increasing activity inequality in some groups, but there has been a strong return to leisure center access by people with less fortunate backgrounds.

Energy costs in 2022 will increase by 150% compared to 2021 and by 185% in 2023, according to an aggressive UK survey of nearly one-third of public sector facilities. More than 150% cost increase, unsustainable financial situation, “the coalition explained.

Further results reveal that in the next six months, up to 79% of facilities will be “probably or very likely” to be completely out of service. Over the next 12 months, this number will increase to 85%, and we expect 100% of operators to raise customer prices. As for staff, 85% say they expect to dismiss employees and reduce services by the end of next year.

Huw Edwards, CEO of UKActive, said: The government needs to act. Otherwise, these important facilities will begin to disappear from the community. “

The impact on young people was also emphasized, as CIMSPA estimates that “75% of unemployment resulting from this crisis occurs among young people between the ages of 16 and 24.” Unemployment rate level than the old cohort. “

“We hope that the scale of this situation is fully understood. To bring our collective energy, urgency and concentration to address this issue affecting communities across the UK. Please join us, “the Union wrote.

While pushing the discussion, recommendations on the types of financial support included an annual grant from 2023/24 to increase local government settlements to protect ring fences and public leisure facilities. Immediate review of sector taxation and regulation to minimize other expenses. Support for the transition to non-carbon intensive heating methods.

The latter point draws attention to the face of conflict operators in addition to the current soaring energy prices.

According to a study by Sport England and Sheffield Hallam University, the physical activity sector brings £ 13 billion to the economy each year, reducing GP visits by 30 million times and saving £ 450 million annually.

“The energy cost crisis could never have happened in the worst of times. Unplanned supply losses are irreparable and can have the greatest impact on the underprivileged community,” Kay adds. I did.

“Recognizing the challenge of finding ways for local governments and partners to offer more sustainable local leisure offers, CLOA supports this complex action call and the valuable role that such facilities play in government. And ask them to acknowledge the implications of not taking action. Short-term and long-term. “

Industry leaders are writing to the government for help with rising energy prices

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