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Initial data reveals how many English students are taking the school’s Covid test and wearing masks

Initial data on what percentage of UK secondary school students wear masks and choose the Covid test at school is revealed.

After months of distance learning, millions of students began returning to class, and a brief survey by the School and University Leaders Association (ASCL) was published.

We found welcome news about conducting exams and wearing masks in most schools, but a few schools reported more serious problems.

One in fifty schools said that mask compliance was less than 70%, while 6% of schools said that onsite Covid test adoption was less than 60%.

Polls found that more than half of UK secondary schools and colleges chose voluntary on-site coronavirus testing for almost all students when they returned to class.

Three out of four (73%) secondary school principals said that more than 90% of their students adhered to the face cover policy in the classroom.

Early data was obtained when millions of students began returning to class after months of distance learning.

Children’s Minister Vicky Ford said today that when British high school students return, they will not be forced to wear face covers in the classroom.

However, she argued that junior high and college students should be “strongly encouraged” to wear face covers if they are unable to maintain social distance, including classes, as indicated in government guidance. ..

In addition, secondary school students are required to undergo a voluntary Covid-19 test three times in the field and once at home during the first two weeks. You will then receive a home test kit that you will use twice a week.

Elementary school students are not required to perform a Covid-19 test or wear a face cover.

Ms. Ford first caused confusion on Monday after saying that children who tested positive for Covid-19 on immunochromatography but subsequently had a negative PCR result would not return to class.

However, Downing Street later confirmed that students who appeared to be positive for Covid-19 on a rapid test at home rather than at school would undergo a PCR test that would allow them to return to class.

According to ASCL polls, nearly a quarter (24%) show 80% to 89% of the Covid test, while 6% of schools take less than 60%.

ASCL General Secretary Geoff Barton said the early signs were “very encouraging” and the feedback suggested that attendance was “good” at most schools.

He states: “The requirement to provide on-site Covid testing was particularly tricky, and the introduction of facial coverings in the classroom opened the minefields they had to navigate.

“The school knows that it had to spend a lot of time and effort getting parental consent for the onsite Covid test, which clearly proved to be particularly difficult in some places. It has been.

“Similarly, most students and parents help schools with the annoying problem of face covering, but some students don’t seem to.

“We recommend that all parents and students follow public health guidance and follow school rules regarding facial coverings that exist for the benefit of all.”

ASCL provides members with template letters that some schools can use in response to letters they receive in opposition to the use of face covers.

The letter states that school risk assessments are compromised, health and safety issues arise, and insurance can be affected if a high percentage of students choose not to wear face masks. I will.

Liverpool’s secondary school, Gateacre School, says it is considering sanctions for children who do not wear face masks.

Principal Gareth Jones said he would discuss with students and parents how to enforce the rules.

Asked if she should close a school that doesn’t wear much masks, Ms. Ford told the BBC Radio 4 Today program: this.

“But some people will be very anxious and nervous about doing so. That’s why we understand it. That’s why we don’t mandate it, but I We strongly encouraged this. “

Dr. Mary Bousted, General Secretary of the National Institute for Educational Policy (NEU), called Ford’s comment on face covering “poor form” prior to the full reopening of the school.

Dr. Bousted said of Sky News: They tell the school, “We expect to wear masks throughout the secondary school in the classroom and corridors.”

“If that’s what they expect, they shouldn’t argue about it before it’s introduced. They should help the school ensure that the mask is worn.”

Initial data reveals how many English students are taking the school's Covid test and wearing masks

Source link Initial data reveals how many English students are taking the school's Covid test and wearing masks

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