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Inside a Westworld-style sex robot factory where headless dolls and designers work

State-of-the-art Sex robot The company was able to get a glimpse of the employees working in the factory of the future.

RealDoll, a US manufacturer, is one of the dominant forces in the sex robot market, producing some of the world’s most advanced models.

Based in San Marcos, California, USA, in collaboration with Abyss Creations, artificial intelligence function.

Some of RealDoll’s more advanced robots can perform conversations and develop their own personalities, allowing users to emphasize specific traits.

The company recently shared photos of several workers in the factory on Instagram and uploaded them with the following captions: (Do you understand ?;) # realdoll. ”

US maker RealDoll shared photos of employees at work

In it, some masked staff perform their mission so that the headless doll can be seen in the background.

It’s very similar to the HBO TV show Westworld, where humans interact with robots in a vast wildwest-style theme park.

RealDoll also posted a photo of the design’s “fantasy” and sunglasses.

The company writes: There is a woman who wants to try a new swimsuit … “

Earlier this month, RealDoll asked customers what they would like to see next from a sex robot.

RealDoll sex robot
The company produces some of the most advanced models in the world

One respondent said, “I want to know how personal companion robots affect mental health. Many people want to talk safely and f ***.

“I can see them being used for therapeutic reasons.”

Another said: Maybe I’ll bring my watch so I can sleep! “

Company representative Brick Doll Banger Also, A groundbreaking sex robot with three faces and multiple personalities will be released..

RealDoll sex robot
Recently, I told a customer that “there is a woman who wants to try a new swimsuit.”

The elite sex robot features an integrated AI system, X mode.

RealDoll is currently working on a new system that offers three interchangeable faces and three potentially different personalities in a single robot.

Brick said: “X-Mode 2 is currently released and X-Mode 3 is currently working on it.

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“This allows you to create a new personality on your robot’s device, which means you can create one robot with three interchangeable faces, create a separate personality for each face, and make different voices. I will. “

Brick is currently testing the new system before it is deployed by RealDoll.

The upgrade to the X-Mode app will be released early next year.

Inside a Westworld-style sex robot factory where headless dolls and designers work

Source link Inside a Westworld-style sex robot factory where headless dolls and designers work

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