Inside an elegant pink birthday party for a Paris Fury look-alike mother

Paris Fury celebrated her mother’s 65th birthday party and conveyed the charm of Hollywood.

Wissensha Boxer’s wife Tyson We had a party for her look-alike Mama Linda with a pink and gold theme.

A 31-year-old woman, hoping for the couple’s sixth child, took her to Instagram and shared a photo of the party with 6367,000 followers.

She looked super chic in a shift dress with bow details decorated with a pink quilting bag, while incorporating a strawberry and cream theme.

And the birthday girl shone with a black long-sleeved sequin top with two rows of pearls around her neck.

Paris, where the WBC heavyweight champion’s husband is training in the United States for his next fight against Deontay Wilder next month, has a special day with balloons, stunning white and pink rose displays, and a giant 65. He proudly posed next to his mother, who was marked with a turn.

Guests were greeted with a glass of hors d’oeuvre and strawberry fizz.

Paris writes:

“I had a beautiful day with my close family and my mother made it beautiful.

“I enjoyed the day very much.

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One fan told her, “You look a lot like your mom.”

Another said to her: “Happy birthday to your mom. She looks great! Now you know that you are amazingly aging with those good genes!”

“Beautiful woman,” said another.

Paris and Tyson have five children-Venezuela, 11 years old, Prince John James, 8 years old, Prince Tyson II, 4 years old, Valencia, 3 years old, Prince Adonis Amasia, 15 months old.

Tyson is currently having a third meeting with Deontay scheduled for July 24th.

Inside an elegant pink birthday party for a Paris Fury look-alike mother

Source link Inside an elegant pink birthday party for a Paris Fury look-alike mother

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