Inside Britney Spears’ secret comeback as star’s failed marriage & troubled relationship with dad inspires new songs

RUMOURS that Britney Spears is plotting a musical comeback seem to be spot on as details slowly emerge about what exactly the pop icon could have in store.

An unnamed Las Vegas associate has confirmed the troubled superstar has been quietly writing lyrics for the past three years as she battled to get out of the conservatorship that ruled her life and more recently saw her marriage to actor Sam Asghari crumble.


An unnamed Las Vegas associate has confirmed Britney Spears has been quietly writing lyrics for the past three yearsCredit: Getty

I’m told Sony Music is keen for her to return to the studio and have already offered her an advance worth millions, as well as suggesting another Greatest Hits album – that could include new tracks.

My source said: “Britney has been writing down lyrics and thoughts about the struggles of the last three years.

“Initially it was freeing herself from the conservator-ship and now it’s about Sam and her splitting.

“Sony has been talking to her for two years about creating a new record in her new era of life.

Britney Spears’ ex Sam Asghari was ‘frustrated over her getting naked'

“It has offered her access to significant writers and prod- ucers and a song catalogue sure to create No1s whenever she wants.

“She says it is going to happen – soon. So new music is definitely coming.

“And the talk too is that she could have a nice upfront payment of £4million just to jump back in and record vocals.

“A greatest hits package is an option for Sony, but that could include new material.

“The discussions are ongoing but Sony knows what a unique powerhouse she is and how her appeal will mean big sales.”

Britney’s most recent album was her ninth record, Glory, in 2019, which peaked at No2 here.

While I know Britney’s fans are desperate for a new album, sadly I can’t imagine the record will see the light of day until 2024 at the earliest.

It’s heads up for Tom

THE countdown to next summer is already on, with Tom Grennan set to play his biggest UK headline show.

A good friend of Bizarre, he has announced a show at West London’s Gunnersbury Park for August 10, 2024, supported by indie band Blossoms.


Tom Grennan will play his biggest UK headline show next summerCredit: Getty

Tickets will go on sale at 9am on Friday.

Tom, who has had big hits including Remind Me, All These Nights and Little Bit Of Love, said: “Put on your dancing shoes and let’s make this show the party of the summer.”

Taylor film date fears

TAYLOR SWIFT has the world of music quaking every time she announces a new album.

Countless artists have changed release dates to avoid chart battles with the music icon.


Countless artists have changed release dates to avoid chart battles with Taylor SwiftCredit: Getty

Now Taylor’s power has stretched to the world of film with her surprise announcment of cinema documentary Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.

Both Meg Ryan‘s return to rom-coms and Hilary Swank’s new drama have switched their release dates at the last minute to not clash with the singer’s film, which is out in the US on October 13.

Meg’s What Happens Later has moved from then to November 3, while Hilary’s Ordinary Angel has confirmed a new release date is in the works.

While a UK release date for Taylor’s concert film is yet to be confirmed, US advance ticket sales have already broken records.

Swifties have shattered the previous pre-sale record held by Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Is there nothing Taylor can’t do?

Iggy Az plans for UK tour

IGGY AZALEA has teased her first UK shows in more than five years.

The Work rapper has revealed she will focus on the UK and Europe in 2024 after fans asked her when they will see her here.


Iggy Azalea has teased her first UK shows in five yearsCredit: AFP

She tweeted: “I actually have plans to focus a lot of time and energy on these markets in the next year. I used to hate travelling when I was younger but now I really enjoy it.”

She added that her upcoming coffee table book, packed with X-rated pics, is 80 per cent complete.

The Aussie had said about her plans for the hardback: “I’m making a coffee table book.

“That’s why I started my OnlyFans page. It shares non-censored images selected from the book, which launches in Dec. It’s called Hotter Than Hell.”


ZENDAYA is the Greatest Show-off-man as she celebrates her 27th birthday.

The Dune actress turned heads in this daring pink gown and an even more risque bra.


Zendaya stunned in this daring pink gown as she celebrated her 27th birthday


The superstar went diving with boyfriend Tom HollandCredit: Tom Holland 2013/Instagram

The tiny silver underwear may perhaps win the award for the smallest bra on the planet.

Feeling reflective about her big day, Zendaya said: “Every year I grow I’m reminded of how precious this life is, thank you all for helping me fill it up with so much love.

“Your kind words and constant support means everything to me.

“Thank you so so much and here’s to 27.”

In stark contrast to her uber-glam snap, Zendaya celebrated her actual big day in a snorkel and flippers.

She went diving with boyfriend and Spider-Man actor Tom Holland.

Proving they don’t take themselves too seriously despite their A-List lifestyle, the British heart-throb shared this snap online for fans.

MADISON BEER won’t be naming her fanbase because she says it “makes my skin crawl”.

The US singer, whose second album, Silence Between Songs, is out on September 15, said it is cringeworthy to give fans a name like Beyonce’s Beyhive, Little Mix‘s Mixers and Justin Bieber‘s Beliebers.

Quizzed at a Q&A in London, she said: “Beer Cans is fine.

“But, I can’t – it makes my skin crawl, like I can’t. Not the name, just naming a fanbase in general.”


IT’s a big week for Olivia Rodrigo but she’s vowed everything will be all white.

The Bad Idea Right singer showed off her trim frame in this angelic skimpy two-piece ahead of the release of her second album Guts on Friday.


Olivia Rodrigo stunned in this white skimpy two-pieceCredit: oliviarodrigo/instagram


The singer is set to release her second album Guts on FridayCredit: oliviarodrigo/instagram

She completed her look with a statement black beret and matching jacket.

The album, her first since 2021’s Sour, has already produced a No1 with lead single Vampire.

The savage track, which sees Olivia let rip at a mystery former flame, is her third time at the top of the singles chart.

Drivers License and Good 4 U – taken from her debut album – hit No1 when they were released two years ago.

She will no doubt have high hopes for where this new record charts.

Bangerz…but no cash from Miley’s world tour

MILEY CYRUS has revealed that she didn’t make a penny from her weird and wonderful 2014 Bangerz world tour.

Though the tour and her accompanying Bangerz album helped her shed her squeaky clean Disney Hannah Montana past and turn her into a fully-fledged pop icon.


Miley Cyrus hasn’t made a penny from her weird and wonderful 2014 Bangerz world tourCredit: Getty

Reflecting on the global trek, the Used To Be Young singer said: “It was an investment in myself.

“A lot of these ideas were so outlandish that no one wanted to support me in making these items.

“I had big puppets, oversized beds, I arrived on stage by sliding down (a giant model of) my own tongue.

“I didn’t make a dime on this tour because I wanted the tour to be excellent and when everyone kept saying ‘why are you doing this? You are going to do like a hundred shows and you are not going to make any money?’

“I said there is no one I would rather invest in than myself.

“I paid for it all to make it exactly what I and the fans deserved.”

Her faith paid off though, as she is now one of the world’s most successful pop stars, with a net worth of £130million.

The trek nine years ago was the last time Miley truly went out a full world tour.

She recently admitted she hates life on the road and won’t be returning to globe hopping any time soon.

Miley said: “I just don’t want to sleep on a moving bus.

“It isn’t what’s best for me right now.”

Though she did tease: “If you’ve been following my career you know that I always change – and the way I feel about that could too.” Inside Britney Spears’ secret comeback as star’s failed marriage & troubled relationship with dad inspires new songs

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