Inside the British seaside town US celebs called ‘better than Miami’ – and locals say they couldn’t agree more

Residents of a beautiful seaside town called “Better than Miami” say the comparison is “ridiculous.” Because the sunny southeastern oasis is much better than the American hotspots.

With tourist-filled beaches and celebrity sightings, Whitstable of Kent Spurred an impressive association.


Kent’s Whitstable is called ‘better than Miami’Credit: Gary Stone
Tourists flock to the town of Kentish during the summer months


Tourists flock to the town of Kentish during the summer monthsCredit: Gary Stone

A surprising comparison was made by a porn legend Mia Khalifashe recently said she was “heartbroken” to leave the sunny British coastline.

The Lebanese-American bombshell stopped in Kent as part of her European tour, and Whitstable made a lasting impression on the star.

she Post to Instagram her love for South East England when she returned to the United States.

She shared a video of her flying home and captioned it, “Whitstable > Miami.”

The city of Florida is famous for its white sandy beaches and turquoise waters and attracts millions of visitors each year.

Its mild climate and beautiful coastline have attracted some of the world’s most famous celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez and Madonna.

However, it turns out that Mia prefers the traditional charm of Whitstable, called “Hampstead of the Sea”.

The 29-year-old adult star, who spent two weeks relaxing in a beachfront AirBnb for £580 a night in October, said on her Instagram story:

Other famous faces who have visited Whitstable include: Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad and British model Kate Mossaccording to the locals.

Charlotte Gray, 46, who recently sold her house in Bromley, south-east London and now resides in Whitstable, said:

“Miami is not my cup of tea.Miami is great for a sunny outdoor American-style break, but nothing else is for me.”

A marketing consultant, who will soon be moving to Canterbury, Kent, said he could live in Whitstable, but he couldn’t even move back to Miami.

“I went to Miami only once for a wedding ten years ago,” she said.

“But I love it here. There are pubs, live music and everything. It gets very busy in the summer with tourists and I’m one of those tourists.

“I considered moving here, but I thought there were too many tourists.”

Another resident said he preferred the peaceful town of Whitstable to the chaotic, money-mad Miami.

78-year-old Michael Murphy, who worked in real estate before retiring, said, “I’ve lived here for 40 years and the best thing about Whitstable is that it’s a comfortable and safe place. That’s what makes it so appealing.” is.

“Miami, on the other hand, has a lot of money and a lot of business. Yes, Whitstable is a great place to live. I don’t want to live in Miami.”

Filled with small art galleries, classic British pubs and unique vintage stores, Whitstable is considered a coastal retreat for stressed city dwellers.

Its main road is full of quaint independent shops, a breath of fresh air from the chains that line the main streets of British cities.

The town and coastline are also famous for Whitstable native oysters. Whitstable Native Oysters are wild-caught oysters sustainably harvested from traditional Native Oyster beds.

Lynn Joffin, 71, who has lived in Whitstable for four years, said she easily prefers coastal English towns to Miami.

A retired school principal, mother of two, said: I prefer Whitstable. We came here for the character. Nice and quirky, a little shabby and not Miami.

“We chose to live here. It’s a tough day today, but it’s still nice. We like it here all year round, whether it’s busy or quiet.

“I wouldn’t want to live there. You can walk everywhere here. There are so many interesting foods, beaches, coffee, restaurants and places to visit. I’m still discovering new places.” increase.”

I’ve lived here all my life and Whitstable is my favorite place.never wanted to leave

Madeline Jones, 66

Her husband of 50 years, Ken Joughin, 70, a former surveyor who moved with him from Chesire, Warrington, said: Miami is not for me.”

One of the residents said he likes visiting Whitstable because it has many world-class stars and the small town has a peaceful atmosphere.

Madeleine Jones, 66, owner of fish and chip shop VC Jones, said: We have Aaron Paul, aka Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad, and Mia came in last week.”

Carolyn Moore, 63, a bakery worker and local singer, said: Kent.

“I’ve lived in Whitstable for 10 years and I love it. It’s lovely. It’s got a harbor, beaches and independent shops. I don’t really know what Miami is like.”

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Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul stopped by Whitstable before


Celebrities who have visited Whitstable include Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul and British model Kate Moss


Memorable seaside town Inside the British seaside town US celebs called ‘better than Miami’ – and locals say they couldn’t agree more

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