Inspiration For Christmas Drinks

Christmas is a great time for drinks lovers. Whether you prefer boozy tipples or something refreshing that doesn’t contain any alcohol, the festive season is the time of year to push the boat out and treat yourself and your loved ones to something special.

There is such great variety in the alcoholic drinks market, but despite the great amount of choice, many people like to stick to their favourite drinks. The team at Vemacity are trying to help people explore the world of possibilities and enhance their drinks experiences. This can mean anything from showing people how to tweak their favourite tipples, teaching people how to make show-stopping garnishes at home, or selling beautiful handmade crystal gin glasses that make the perfect gift for drinks lovers.

This year they have put together some inspiring cocktail ideas that you can follow at home and try something new now Winter is closing in. If you are inspired by any of the stunning images below then visit their website for the full gin recipe list.

Candy Cane Cocktail

This recipe aims to recreate the minty flavours that we all remember from candy canes at Christmas. The classic shape and colour of these childrens sweets have become iconic symbols of festive fun all over the world. It is only right that this should be turned into a delicious drink just for adults.

Creating this cocktail requires a few items from the drinks cabinet, namely vodka and creme de menthe. Completing the drink are cranberry juice, strawberries and a candy cane garnish.

Gingerbread Martini

This Christmas classic requires a few different components to create the spicy and warming flavours that we love over the cold winter holidays. For this festive twist on a classic Martini you will need vodka, Kahlua, Irish cream and gingerbread syrup. The perfect way to serve this drink is in a coupe glass, finished with a miniature gingerbread man for garnish.

Gin Hot Toddy

Far from being the old housewives’ remedy for a common cold, hot toddies are on drink menus up and down the country. They are, as the name suggests, a hot tipple to take the edge off the icy weather and there are so many variations appearing in recent times. This is one of the most popular to come from the gin world combining gin, water, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, orange juice, honey and lemon juice. Warming everything together in a pan will produce a delectable drink that is perfect for Christmas.

This one is best served in a cup or a mug though because this can be too hot to handle in a crystal glass (unless you have a pair of mittens on, of course).

Sloe Gin Fizz

This drink is elegantly simple. With a slight twist on a classic combination of orange juice and champagne, the sloe gin fizz is a sumptuous serve in a classic coupe glass. This one is slightly more boozy than a mimosa or bellini, but the sweetness of the sloe gin makes for a highly sip-able drink. Whether you have made your own sloe gin or purchased from one of the many gin distilleries who have created their own sloe gin offerings, this one will be a firm favourite this Christmas.

How Can You Make These Drinks At Home?

If you want to try something new this year then the step-by-step guides for these drinks are really easy to follow. The creative team really know how to capture the beauty in the drinks they create and we highly recommend checking out the website. They have some great resources, as well as a selection of products ranging from stunning handmade crystal glassware to signature gin making kits that come with almost everything required to make your own gin at home.


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