Inspiring Women: Ri Ferrier | Managing Director, Heart-based Living Initiative

Referier Is the managing director of Heart-based life initiative CIC is a non-profit organization that aims to bring more calm, connection and well-being to people across the UK.

She earned a bachelor’s degree (honor’s degree) from the Business Enterprise and much of her career was to catalyze the start of new projects, marketing, and positive change.

Her love of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship has been brought to the corporate world, the social enterprise sector, and nonprofits.

She is passionate about building a better world for future generations and has also published a book called Children’s Voices. This is a compilation of ideas for 9-11 year olds on how to improve the world.

Her personal motto is “the courage to dream”.

Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your current role

I am driven to make a difference in the world and need to leave a good legacy for the next generation. I love innovation, creativity, and creative thinking, and much of my career is centered around catalyzing positive change. I studied entrepreneurship at university and then played a project management type role in the corporate world. While raising two boys, I was a self-employed freelance business consultant working with many good ethical companies.For the last two years I have the privilege of becoming an MD Heart movement – A non-profit organization with a great vision of making a big difference in the lives of people across the UK.

Have you ever sat down and planned your career?

Great question! I’m an interesting combination of having a solid five-year plan and being an intuitive incentive when things don’t seem to match my dreams. I have to completely put off everything I do. I probably don’t have the ability to enter a career like checking some boxes. You need to check them all! Life is too short and I want to make the most of my time.

Have you encountered any problems along the way?

The challenge is a very big part of life and my personal motto is to dream! I overcame my troubled childhood, divorce, financial instability, lack of confidence due to the loss of relatives due to suicide, and lack of confidence that I could influence. It’s probably a long enough list! Life is a very rich and diverse tapestry. We can’t control what life throws at us, but we can control how we react. As the great teacher once told me, you can deal a poor hand of cards, but how you play it makes a difference.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

Bringing two incredibly good young men to the world will be at the top of my list. I am very proud of my sons and who they are in the world. I also published a very important project for me, “Voice of the Children-A compilation of ideas for 9-11 years old on how to improve the world.” I felt the need for a bridge between what the new generation was looking for and what the old generation was hanging on, so I sent copies to many MPs.

What do you think are the main factors for success?

Will power! I think this is the fire inside us. Sometimes it makes a roar or weakens, but finding and maintaining a stable pilot is the key to following your own path.

What do you think about mentoring? Did you mentor someone or someone’s mentee?

I think mentoring is very important. When I started my company, I had a Prince’s Trust mentor in my twenties. It’s valuable to have someone who can bounce off ideas and share concerns and concerns. I have been teaching individuals. I love to reserve space for someone and watch them grow into the ones they want to be. I want to do more!

What if one could change to accelerate the pace of change in gender equality?

I think we have to start with education, but it’s not an immediate solution. Unless we learn equality from an early age, in our opinion it will never change culture. Sure, gender equality can be a strategic goal for a company, but it’s hard to convince people who have lived a lifetime in a biased world of its importance. Power is an interesting topic, and to be honest, it’s at stake here. Attitudes and beliefs about women’s roles need to shift much faster than women do. Some say that our basic belief is embedded by the age of seven. Therefore, how to raise a child is the basis for accelerating the pace of change.

What if you could give one piece of advice to your young self?

Believe in yourself more-individual history isn’t the only thing that makes people-it’s what your dreams are, what you believe in, and the people you surround yourself.

What is your next challenge, and what do you want to achieve in the future?

My next challenge is to fund Heartbus and get out on the road. I would like to show the impact this has on mental health and fund the fleet of buses.

How do you think the UK’s mental health was affected during the pandemic?

I think the pandemic had a serious impact on mental health, but I haven’t seen anything like that since World War II. Long-term uncertainty, constant fear, forced isolation from loved ones, loss of financial security-all of which have had serious consequences for people. I feel that the country’s mental health is already poor and that the full impact of a pandemic will probably not be known for generations for a long time.

What can we do to help the country’s mental health as we break out of the blockade?

I feel that there are many fears and anxieties about the transition from the blockade. Is it safe to meet people again? How do you feel about working in the office? Many of us feel rusty in our social skills. It’s important that each person appears at their own pace-there’s no one-size-fits-all-some people rarely go, others need a lot of support. When we get out of the blockade, it’s really important to make routines, stay connected, eat well, and exercise outdoors. I feel it is important to have a wide range of initiatives that can support people. Heartbus is one such method. It provides hands-on mindfulness instruction, a listening space, and a place where people can reconnect in a safe environment.

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Inspiring Women: Ri Ferrier | Managing Director, Heart-based Living Initiative

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