Introducing DermaQuest CBD Skin Care and Wellness Range

Known for its advanced formulas and high-performance products, DermaQuest has introduced the results-focused CBD series to its medicated skin care line.

Taking advantage of the healing power of CBD, professional skin care brands have developed a collection that offers anti-aging, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

NS DermaQuest The range uses pure CBD isolates that are safe for all ages and all skin types. Encapsulated in a patented hydroxysome delivery system, DermaQuest’s CBD is stabilized to ensure safe and highly effective distribution of the active ingredient when applied to the skin.

Striving to create the most effective line CBD skin care, Each product in the collection contains 99.7% pure CBD isolate. To obtain CBD in the purest possible form, the extract undergoes a thorough four-part distillation process that removes all impurities and unwanted substances. DermaQuest has combined its own pure CBD with other powerful ingredients to create results-oriented CBD skin care in the form of eight effective formulas.

CBD Replenishment Eye Cream, £ 66

A highly nutritious eye cream that provides antioxidant protection, reduces the appearance of swelling, and provides a soothing hydration for the delicate areas under the eyes. Oil-soluble Vitamin C (BV-OSC) provides effective protection from free radicals and environmental invaders, enhances sunscreen effectiveness and reduces the harmful effects of UV exposure. Argan plant stem cell extract, on the other hand, targets swelling, provides growth relief to the area under the eyes, soothes and soothes dry skin.

CBD Blue Light Defense Moisturizer, £ 76

This moisturizing linen-derived moisturizer, containing Lumiseaase, prevents damage from blue light and prevents signs of photoaging. Its Aquacell Complex provides the skin with long-term hydration that helps improve skin density. Utilizing the healing properties of Wagandy’s, this powerful herb enhances the barrier function, smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and reveals more youthful skin.

CBD Blue Light Defense SPF30, £ 66

For ultimate protection from the element, the addition of SPF ensures that the skin is protected from damage from UV and blue light. The 18.90 percent concentration of zinc oxide provides a physical sunscreen, and its BVOSC content (stable oil-soluble vitamin C) further fights free radicals and enhances the sunscreen effect. To enhance protection, Infraguard combines organic sunflower sprouts with antioxidant-rich taratannins to prevent the effects of blue light and infrared aging. The 99% pure CBD content of the moisturizer works to enhance the preventive properties of all these protective ingredients and provide comprehensive protection to the skin.

CBD analgesic cream, £ 92

A safe and relieving option for pain relief, this soothing cream relieves joint and muscle pain with a blend of 99% pure CBD isolate, 10% TEA salicylate and MSM. Its heat-activating formula, applied after exercise, provides effective relief for the over-exercised body and relieves discomfort. Fortified with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, coconut amino acids, and rosehip seed oil, this nourishing cream replenishes and soothes inflamed skin while protecting it from free radical damage.

CBD Healing Balm, £ 56

Formulated with a 99% pure hemp-derived CBD isolate, this healing balm works to maintain joint health and flexibility while relieving minor pains and pains. Composed of sweet almonds, olives and jojoba oil, the Oil Rich Formula provides hydration and healing, providing powerful hydration to repair dry, damaged and dry skin. CBD Healing Balm is used on both the face and body to help hydrate, relieve muscle soreness and relieve inflammation.

CBD tincture, £ 87

Designed to provide ultimate relaxation to the body and mind, in addition to the benefits of skin care, DermaQuest CBD tincture contains 99.7% pure CBD isolate in strong concentrations. Spearmint is infused into the daily elixir, tuned for day and night use, and vanilla is flavored into the sleep elixir.

CBD Sleep Elixir utilizes the analgesic effect of eugenol, the essential oil contained in vanilla. Elixir targets the body’s TRPV1 receptors to relieve pain, increase relaxation and improve sleep quality. Infused with exhilarating spearmint, the CBD Daily Elixir is the ultimate mood enhancer. Aroma oils, which have been shown to affect terpene synthesis, have antidepressant-like effects on brain receptors and neurotransmitters and are suitable for daytime use.

When applied under the tongue, elixir is quickly absorbed under the tongue for immediate mood-boosting effects. For the benefit of skin care, tinctures can be added to the moisturizer and applied topically to both the face and body. Elixir concentrations of MCT, or fractionated coconut oil, provide intensive hydration to the skin, relieve irritation, and soothe dry, rough, and rubbed skin.

The DermaQuest CBD that promises to ensure the transparency and legitimacy of label claims is 3.rd A party tested by a licensed California-based lab.

The range of DermaQuest CBD is currently available

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Introducing DermaQuest CBD Skin Care and Wellness Range

Source link Introducing DermaQuest CBD Skin Care and Wellness Range

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