Introducing Katerina Tannenbaum: Also known as “Lisette”, as such

Everyone is talking about IT girls And just like that No, it’s not Carrie Bradshaw (sorry) SJP).We – Of course – are talking RizetPlays Katerina TannenbaumAlso known as Carrie’s new neighbor.

So far And just like that, Rizet has an unpleasant presence in Carrie’s life. Not only does she play her music in an ungodly time, but she clearly reminds me of how Carrie once lived.It doesn’t help Rizet see Carrie at the lowest (she wears) That The combination of a hood and rubber gloves smokes a sneaky cigarette).

That’s enough for Rizet, but we’re more interested in the actress who plays her.Input: Katerina Tannenbaum, he is also a longtime fan Sex and the City..and Instagram In the post, Katerina wrote, “And just like that 💋 I grew up crazy about Sex and the City-what a symbolic joy to play a small role in their rebirth.”

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Who is Katerina Tannenbaum?

Born in Portland, Oregon, Katerina moved to the prestigious Stella Adler Acting School in New York, where she paid as a waitress and baby sat. V magazine).After that, she got some modeling work such as adidas and the opening ceremony, and then she got her first acting gig on a TV show like: Sweet bitter When Bold type..

She told V Magazine: […] I didn’t want to give up, so there must be something wrong with my brain. ”


What else did Katerina Tannenbaum appear in?

Not only landing the role of Lisette And just like thatKaterina also starred in hit shows, including: AJ and the QueenShe plays a 10-year-old single mother traveling the United States with a drag queen (played by RuPaul). Better call saul, She plays Amber, Nacho’s girlfriend (played by Michael Mando).When BettyAbout a group of young women navigating the world of male-dominated skateboarding.

She also gossip Girl Reboot where she played Riley Love.

Introducing Katerina Tannenbaum: Also known as “Lisette”, as such

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