IPTF Income Protection Awareness Week Ends High

The first Income Protection Awareness Week (IPAW) ends today with industry commitments and recommendations on the next steps advisors can take to increase IP sales.

Awareness Week was organized by the Income Protection Task Force (IPTF) to raise awareness and increase income protection sales.

It consisted of a series of online keynotes, panel discussions, case studies, and presentations covering topics ranging from income protection, mortgages, asset advice, billing, and underwriting.

The IPTF Co-Chair said the Awareness Week was a huge success and various pledges were made by the industry as a whole, including advisors, brokers and insurance companies.

The IPTF wants protection market participants to begin to influence and change their behavior as part of their call for action.

We’ve detailed five tips on how to start your IP sales journey. They include:

  • Find additional workouts
  • Identify opportunities, review client base, and identify where those opportunities are
  • Promise to have an IP conversation
  • Make some noise to emphasize the need and benefits of IP
  • Stay in touch with IPTF

The Group’s Co-Chairs also made their own pledges on behalf of the IPTC.

Katie Crook-Davies said: There are lots of articles, newsletters, presentations, etc. and I would like to make a good vow to all of them.

“We also promise to make as many connections as possible within the industry, especially to help new advisors embark on their IP journey.

Jo Miller said: We know it’s a cliché, but it’s more true than ever in a virtual world, but we really need to hear from your side what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s ugly. Let us know what made a difference to you. We will do what we can to further develop it in the future. “

Andrew Wibberley said:

“Seriously, we’re crazy about how many people are lagging behind in the industry as a whole. [IPAW] And the pledge there is from our hearts. “

IPTF Income Protection Awareness Week Ends High

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