Ireland 18-20 Scotland: Scotland wins dramatic with final blow

A last-minute attempt from full-back Chloe Rory and an icy-cool transformation from the exchange standoff Sarah Lo in the final play of the match ensured a dramatic victory. Scotland He lives on his dream of crossing Ireland in Parma, Italy last night to reach the first World Cup final tournament since 2010.

Brian Eason’s side is currently on a confirmed date, advancing to the final repechage qualifying tournament against Samoa, Colombia, and either Hong Kong, Japan, or Kazakhstan.

Italy, the host country of this European world The Cup qualifying tournament defeated Spain 34-10 earlier in the day. That is, go directly to the main event as the winner of the pool.

It was tense, but winning captain Rachel Malcolm then claimed that he had no doubts about his ability to find the results he needed.

“I’m not saying I can’t believe it because I 100% believed that this would be the result of today,” she insisted. “The heart, passion, work, and management over the last few months of all 28 players on this team meant we believed we could do it.”

“We knew it could be the last second-that’s exactly what happened-but I’m very proud of the fight and all the courage the girl showed today on the pitch. , And we completely believe that it deserves that victory. We never gave up. ”

It was a tragedy for Ireland, who started the game as a favorite based on a recent record of 14 wins in the last 15 games against Scotland and dominated the long term of the game.

However, they returned their opponents to the game in the last eight minutes and paid a fortune.

In terms of balance of play, Ireland deserved a complete lead in the 18th minute, but which was the tight-headed prop Linda Jugan easily able to get through half a dozen hearty Scottish tackles? It wasn’t the way I expected. Deadlock to be broken.

From a Scottish point of view, it was frustrating because it did a pretty decent job of relieving pressure, but when Helen Nelson scored three points following Ireland’s open-sided yellow card, they avoided disappointment. I returned to the game. Flanker Edel McMahon for a high tackle that led to a head clash with Malcolm.

As half-time approached, Scotland threatened with a str0ng carry from Megan Gaffney and Hannah Smith, who took the lead when Nelson put a decent chip into the in-goal area that kindly bounced on Lorna Lloyd. rice field.

The Scottish went further early in the second half when Lana Skeldon dug a hole from a close lineout, but Ireland bounced off with a Stacey Flood penalty and began to dominate again, loosehead Lindsay. Replacing the pete regained the lead After a long period of pressure, he went under the post and set up a direct diversion of the flood.

Another 65-minute flood penalty resulted in a five-point match, with momentum entirely in Ireland, but Scotland stayed there, roaring in the last eight minutes, eventually leading to Raleigh’s slow intervention. rice field. Score.

This set up a transformation that would normally be easily categorized, but this was a pressure situation. Fortunately for Scotland, their replacement standoffs were the coolest heads in the house and there was no mistake.

This victory put Scotland 9th in the world rankings and 11th when he jumped to Italy less than three weeks ago.


Ireland: Trials: Djougang, Peat; Disadvantages: Flood; Pen: Flood 2.
Scotland: Trial: Lloyd, Skeledon, Rory, Con: Law.. Penn: Nelson.

Ireland: E Concidin (L Delaney 35-40); A Murphy Crow, E Higgins, S Naup, B Parsons; S Flood, K Dane (E Lane 61); L Feely (L Peat 41), C Moloney, L Djougang; N Friday , S Monahan (B Hogan 65), D Wally, E McMahon, C Griffin.

Scotland: C Rory; R Lloyd, H Smith, L Thomson, M Gaffney; H Nelson (S Method 46), J Maxwell; L Bartlett (L Cockburn 64), L Skeledon, C Verisle (M Light 68), E Wassel, L McMillan, R McLachlan (S Bonner 50), R Malcolm (E Gallagher 62), J Conkel.

Referee: C Muna Lini.

yellow card

Ireland: McMahon (23 minutes), Higgins (76 minutes).

Ireland 18-20 Scotland: Scotland wins dramatic with final blow

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