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Irish Prime Minister welcomes EU proposal on Protocol as “clear progress”

The Prime Minister of Ireland described the EU’s proposal to address the issues surrounding the Northern Ireland Protocol as a “clear step forward.”

The action was announced by Maroš Šefchovic, Vice-President of the European Commission, aimed at addressing the turmoil caused by the Protocol.

They are expected to reduce checks for retail produce arriving from the UK to Northern Ireland by 80%.

Taoiseach Micheal Martin said the proposal was “an obvious way to move the problem forward and an obvious way to get out of the question.”

“I believe it is now subject to serious involvement with the UK Government and forms the basis for a jointly agreed solution to those challenges,” he said.

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“Such results are very helpful to both the EU and the UK, but especially to the people and businesses of Northern Ireland.”

Martin emphasized to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that no one should be under “illusion” about the importance of maintaining all aspects of the Good Friday Agreement.

Martin added that the European Commission “showed that it listens to imagination, innovation, and important people, the people of Northern Ireland who are working on these issues.”

He states: “At the last meeting with the British government, they wanted to give this … they said they wanted to give me a final blow.”

Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said he “strongly welcomed” the proposal.

“This is the EU’s main effort to address the concerns raised regarding the Protocol,” he said.

“The European Commission has listened to the concerns of the people of Northern Ireland and has made an extensive proposal to address the most important practical and real issues for them in a comprehensive manner.

“These proposals represent a real opportunity for Northern Ireland. People in Northern Ireland, especially those in the business community, want the protocol to work well.”

He added: “We welcome David Frost’s comment that he will be seriously, fully and actively involved in the Commission.

“This package provides a path to solving all open issues. Now is the time for the UK Government to be pragmatic as proposed by the Commission on the most important issues for the people of Northern Ireland. It’s time to work constructively on the solution. “

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Irish Prime Minister welcomes EU proposal on Protocol as "clear progress"

Source link Irish Prime Minister welcomes EU proposal on Protocol as "clear progress"

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