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Is it possible to reverse the white hair?

It is not uncommon for us to have gray hair as we grow older, but of course humans want to reverse all kinds of natural phenomena that the human body experiences, which suggests our death.

Therefore, there are products designed to prevent the development of these gray hairs – some supplement I promise to keep white hair out in the first place, topic Claim to invert gray. Even L’Oréal found a reason to pursue this subject and announced in 2011 that all-natural tablets would come out within five years. Can prevent gray hair.. (L’Oreal representatives shared that L’Oreal is no longer a focus of their research and innovation team).

But, as the abandoned project might suggest, the reality of preventing and reversing gray hair isn’t as simple as popping a pill-at least not yet.

The mechanism behind hair color is complex, but simply put, gray hair is caused by depigmentation. As you age, your hair becomes less pigmented and grayer. In most cases, it seems genetically determined exactly when this will occur.

However, there are several reasons why white hair germinates quickly. Craig Ziering, a board-certified dermatologist and Ziering MedicalIn particular, vitamin deficiency of vitamins B6, B12, D, E or biotin can accelerate the growth of gray hair. Oxidative stress from both internal factors (such as unhealthy diets) and the environment (such as UV light) can also have an effect. Smoking has a big impact. “Smokers can start to turn gray at twice the age of nonsmokers, according to studies,” said Ziering.

Even hair products, including those used to color or bleach hair, can contain ingredients that reduce melanin in the hair. “Hydrogen peroxide in many hair dyes is one such harmful chemical. Excessive use of bleaching products will eventually result in whitening,” said Ziering. I am.

Stress also seems to be a factor. Consider the often-spoken comparison of the presidents of the first and last years.

Preventing Hair Whitening is a Big Business-Just Look Range of products available Claims to function as a white hair treatment. However, according to the experts we talked to, it is not possible to restore gray hair or prevent age-related color changes. “Certain undernutrition and health may give rise to premature gray hair, but restoring your natural hair color if your gray is genetic or due to natural aging. Is impossible, “said Ziering.

However, if your goal is to reduce gray hair, there are reasons to stay hopeful. Most of what we know about gray hair says that once the hair is white, it can’t be restored, According to one study, reducing stress may help (It’s easy to say, isn’t it?) Researchers have previously found that in some subjects, the white hair was repigmented after the subject had taken a vacation. Although this study has limitations, it is the first to show that stress and its relief can actually affect hair color.

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Martin Picard, a researcher and author of the study at Columbia University, said: “This study shows that aging is adaptable. It’s not a fixed, pre-determined process that is destined to experience the same no matter what we do. The way we learn to see our actions, and perhaps the stress we create for the world and ourselves, is how our cells age, and our hair eventually turns gray. It seems to affect the time of the year. “

In addition to reducing stress, there are several other tactics that may reduce the development of new grays – but only if lifestyle or undernourishment is the cause.

“Specific vitamins and minerals help ensure that the hair follicles have the maximum nutritional value to perform the metabolic function of the bulbs, one of which is to maintain the natural color of the hair. It’s the production of the necessary pigment (melanin), “Ziering shared. “Amino acids and proteins that cause the metabolic function of our follicles are beneficial,” he said. With that in mind, eating foods that contain the vitamins mentioned above can counteract the effects of oxidative stress on fresh fruits, green tea, olive oil, fish, etc. by ingesting antioxidants.

“”Eat well, sleep well, combat environmental stress, and avoid smoking, “Ziering suggested. “Use sunscreen on your hair and scalp. Increase calcium, protein and B vitamins.”

When it comes to supplements that claim to prevent gray hair, technically, they may work to supplement malnutrition, but only eat a healthy diet or take common multivitamins.

Treatments that have been shown to reverse hair whitening and repigmentation are currently being tested. “These drugs contain enzymes such as catalase, which break down hydrogen peroxide, which is known to accumulate in the dermis of the white hair, and may be treated and prevented in the future.” Said Ziering. “In the future, this may one day be the basis for treatments that reverse the potential depletion of hair bulb melanocyte pigmentation,” he said.

“There is no today or tomorrow, but in the near future, the’Benjamin baton’effect may be unearthed and the richer and more youthful hair color may be restored after the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s,” he said. I added.

Picard is also continuing his research on the white hair. “We will learn more about the effects of the mind on the body. How our human experience will be embedded in our biology, our hair,” Picard. Said. “The mind and body are connected, which also shows us in the hair!”

In the meantime, there is always an option to adopt gray. This turns out to be the least stressful way of all.

Is it possible to reverse the white hair?

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