Is Online Bingo Speeding Up The Decline of Bingo Halls?

We all know bingo to be an enjoyable game of luck played by millions around the world today. For many decades, bingo was a part of social life as a place to meet, with the bingo hall being a hub of activity for drinking and chatting with friends in your local UK town.

However, like many things, times change and the increase of newer technology means brick-and-mortar options decline, while online possibilities are increasing at a rapid rate.

The struggles of bingo halls

The decline of bingo halls is a double-edged sword: Good for some and bad for others. It’s clear that online bingo operators are living the dream right now. No matter how you look at it, playing bingo online is just so much more convenient, even if it’s less communal. No deposit bingo deals are just one method to help entice new customers to play online and potentially win cash prizes. This is done in the same way on sites such as myfootballfacts.com– compare offers here.

Of course, the more online players that exist, it stands to reason that fewer players will visit real-life bingo halls. Though it’s not just technology that has aided in the closure of bingo halls.

  • An ageing population in the UK – While bingo is typically seen as a game to play for the older generation, it certainly isn’t the case, as bingo is a game for all ages. Still, old age has forced fewer people to visit bingo halls and the younger generation is growing up with the convenient online versions on laptops and mobiles
  • Smoking ban – When the smoking ban hit the UK in 2007, it’s fair to say this was a direct link with the decline of bingo halls, as patrons could no longer play their favourite game and smoke indoors. Of course, they can go outside to smoke a cigarette, but sometimes the cold weather isn’t so enticing, meaning many people just don’t bother going at all
  • That pesky pandemic – Obviously, coronavirus was an added burden to bingo halls, as even if one was open in your local town, you weren’t allowed to visit during lockdown. Online bingo sites have thrived since 2020, while real-life bingo halls have felt the blow tenfold and have had to close. Even those faithful to bingo halls have likely had to try out an online version

Online bingo is simply becoming too strong

Online bingo sites have been around since the 90s, with one called Bingo Zone thought to be among the first to deliver a bingo game over the Internet. Technology has caught up to player expectations nowadays, as there are dozens of payment options, the chance to play on any device wherever you are, and alluring offers and promotions for new players to jump online.

It’s true that the choice of online bingo sites can be overwhelming for new players especially, as they are undoubtedly used to one location in their town or city. But in the end it’s no change from online shopping: You can try out different places and see which one you prefer. Some might be too flashy or confusing for some, while others are too simple and plain, so it depends on what you’re looking for.

Mecca Bingo is one such example that started life as a physical bingo location, but could see the writing on the wall and slowly transitioned to an online version to reap the rewards from gamers preferring to play on the Internet.

Are bingo halls done and dusted? By no means, as even if the number has dropped radically in recent years, around 350 bingo halls still exist in the UK and have loyal customers every week. As well, with COVID-19 restrictions lessening and the desire to interact with other humans like we used to, there are certainly many who love the idea of visiting a real bingo hall.

Still, just like Netflix and Amazon Prime essentially killing off DVD rental stores, there may come a day when bingo halls become a thing of the past and only remembered instead of visited. Bingo halls should consider an online possibility to provide existing customers with the option to play whenever they want, as well as in the physical space too.

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