Is Video Game Addiction Related to Casino Addiction?

Video game addiction is the same as an addiction to any other form of gaming, including casino gambling. Here, we look at gaming addictions and how companies rely on players getting hooked.

Many people think of alcohol and drug use when the term addiction is mentioned, but it is common for addictions to be formed by certain behaviors. Gaming addictions have become quite common and whether you play video games or engage in real money play at an online casino, the addiction is the same. These are referred to as process addictions and they are specific behaviors that make the brain release levels of dopamine.

The pleasure received from engaging in any form of gaming activity is a result of neurotransmitters in the brain. When this pleasure is experienced, players will want more and as a result, they play more. The danger of addiction is something that video game players or casino gamblers will want to be aware of.

Video Games Linked to Gambling

Many of the modern video games being played today are known to be highly addictive. Players will spend hours on end playing these titles and will not be aware of the negative effects. Those that feature token wagering, social casinos, and even real money spending are closely linked to problem gambling. Players who take part in these are at an increased risk of developing gambling addictions if they begin to play real money casino titles.

Many new video games have gambling components and players have the same release of dopamine as if they were gambling at a casino. In the world of online gambling, new titles are being developed that feature video game-style actions and graphics. At a casino online, players can even play themed selections that are related to their favorite video games. Many of these can be found at an Aussie casino or sites that are operating using the latest casino software. While gambling is not the same as playing a video game, the same type of addiction can form.

Researchers have spent time studying the psychological rewards of playing video games and have compared that to the effects of the brain’s release of dopamine when gambling. Those who engage in these activities have been found to have an increased level of dopamine by 100 to 200%.

Video Gaming Industry Evolving

The video games that are being created today are quickly evolving and the teams responsible for the development consist of psychologists, marketing experts, and neuroscientists who work to make titles addictive. The mobile gaming industry has allowed for a huge industry expansion and with large companies involved, the goal is to sell as many titles as possible. By using sequels, these companies attract players and get them to return for new releases.

Companies are also using similar techniques used in casinos to make sure that players become addicted. Fake currency is one way this is done. When using this, players do not realize how much they are spending. Additional fake currency can be purchased using a banking option such as bitcoin. This is similar to playing bitcoin pokies online, where players can make instant deposits. As long as earnings are generated playing slots, many gamblers do not realize how much is being spent.

One model being used is Free To Play titles. These start out being offered for free to those that are playing on a mobile device. Soon, players start spending money to buy items, advance in levels and earn more perks. These costs quickly add up and lead to addiction. Players continue to purchase content to progress through levels.


A gaming addiction is any activity that is performed compulsively. This can happen when accessing online casinos or when playing on a console at home. As players seek rewards and positive feelings of winning, they are more prone to play for longer periods and even spend real money to move up in levels. Whether playing a casual video selection at home or engaging in real money play at an online casino, responsible gaming is essential to prevent any problems from developing.


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