Is your dog safe in the sun?How to protect your dog

It’s important to keep your dog safe in the sun

With summer approaching, many of us are thinking about protecting the sun.

But it’s not just ourselves and our families that we need to stay safe in the sun-our dogs also need to be considered.

The sun can affect a dog’s health in many important ways, including the effects of exposing a dog’s delicate paws to hot pavement.

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Fortunately, this summer, experts have come together to keep your dog safe and happy in the sun.

ProDog Raw resident dog specialist. Alison Frost, a dog nutrition expert at ProDogRaw; veteran dog behaviorist Camal Fernandez has created 12 tips to help protect your dog in the sun. This allows you to enjoy its benefits without worrying about your best human friends.

1 Remember, some dogs have a harder time

According to Allison Frost, a dog nutrition expert, some dogs are more vulnerable than others.

“It’s important to note that, like humans, some dogs naturally struggle in the heat more than others,” Allison said.

“For example, brachycephalic dogs have a short nose and a flat face. That is, they have narrow nostrils, narrow airways, and difficulty breathing in warm, humid environments. For boxer owners, bulldogs. For example, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, you need to pay more attention to your dog as the temperature rises.

“On the other hand, puppies, along with dogs suffering from heart disease and overweight dogs, struggle in the heat more than adult dogs. These dogs simply cannot tolerate heat effectively. If you have a puppy, be sure to take a nap. You are in a cool, shaded area. “

2 Make water always available

Some of the most important ways to help your dog stay safe and healthy in the sun are most obvious.

For example, dog activist Camal Fernandez says that water should always be available.

If you’re relaxing in the sun, make sure you have a water-filled dog bowl nearby.

3 Give cold raw food

Allison’s most important advice is to feed the dog raw cold food in warm weather.

“In contrast to dry kibbles, raw meat is high in water, which means it helps to hydrate from the inside of the dog,” says Allison.

“It’s much more hydrating and refreshing, while satisfying all the proteins needed to replenish the dog’s energy-it’s likely to be lethargic in the heat, so this is your priority.

“You may also notice that the dog’s appetite is reduced in the heat. This is perfectly normal and thankfully cold raw foods help to cope. Refreshing, It’s not heavy to eat. “

4 Surprisingly, bone soup can be a great hack

Allison, on the other hand, says bone soup is a great choice for dogs in the sun.

This may sound a bit strange, but surprisingly, as indulging in a bowl of soup on a hot day doesn’t seem like the most refreshing option.

“Bone soup is filled with electrolytes that help keep your dog hydrated,” Allison said. “If you want, you can also make popsicles of frozen bone broth, and you can make a fun treat for a man’s best friend.”

The bone-in soup can be chilled and served to make it even more refreshing.

5 Invest in cooling mats and jackets

Cooling the mat and jacket will help the dog cool quickly in the sun.

Similarly, if you’re looking for an easy and quick alternative, refresh your dog with a wet towel.

“You can put the dog on a wet towel or drape it on it. Either way, it’s incredibly cool,” Kamal said.

6 Walk early in the day or late at night

Kamal says it’s important to walk the dog early in the day or late at night to avoid hot spells.

“Walking a dog in the heat can be indignant and probably frustrating. You might think it’s a prank when it’s actually too hot,” Kamal said. “By walking during the cooler hours of the day, you can enjoy this exercise without overheating, and so do you.”

7 Use the “Pavement Hand” trick

“Use a simple’paved hand’trick before taking your dog for a walk,” Kamal said.

“It’s safe to walk your dog if you can put it on the pavement with your palm down and it doesn’t get too hot.

“Don’t burn on a hot runway, as their feet are delicate and vulnerable. That said, avoid the runway altogether, as it heats up surprisingly quickly on warm days.”

8 Avoid strenuous exercise

Walking is a must for dogs, but Kamal warns that strenuous exercise on hot days is not a good idea.

“Avoid running your dog or doing other intensive exercises in the sun, which can make your dog too hot and panicked,” he said.

9 Understand the signs of heat stroke in dogs

Critically, Allison says that in order to protect our dog, the owner must understand the signs of heat stroke in his human best friend.

This is serious and can cause your dog to fall during the walk. Quick treatment of heat stroke is the key to saving a dog’s life.

“Put it on a wet, cold towel, pour cold (not ice-cold) water to cool it down, and talk to your vet right away,” Alison said.

10 Enjoy the paddling pool

“If possible, invest in a backyard paddling pool,” Allison said. “Being able to lie in cold water is a luxury lap for dogs. They will definitely thank you.”

11 Do not leave it in the car

In most cases, not to mention this, for those in doubt, Allison emphasizes that you should never put your dog in a warm car or a damp greenhouse.

“Ventilation is needed, especially on warm days,” she said.

12 Please put in the shade

“If your dog is in the yard, make sure you have enough shade,” Kamal said.

“If you don’t have a tree or plant to provide this, consider using a parasol or a large umbrella. This should also be considered if you plan to take your dog to a local beer garden. Yes, don’t sit in direct sunlight for hours. “

Is your dog safe in the sun?How to protect your dog

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