It is wise to add 1,000 staff worldwide in 2022

Wise (formerly known as Transfer Wise) plans ambitious recruitment activities next year with the aim of hiring 1,000 staff worldwide and increasing the current 3,000 staff. ..

Wise completed its LSE listing earlier this year

The company currently has 17 offices, including London, New York and Singapore, and claims to already employ more than 90 nationalities. This expansion includes adding staff to a new third US base in Austin, Texas.

Recruitment takes place across all areas of Wise’s business, including product marketing, engineering, and customer support.

The company was founded in 2011 and became the first technology company in 2021. Listed directly on the London Stock Exchange..

The Wise listing was seen as a boon to London after Brexit, which failed to attract the large tech companies that favor the US market these days.

The company has also launched Assets, the UK’s first multi-currency investment opportunity to spend real-time on the money held in stocks.

It is integrated with the Google Pay app, allowing US customers to send money to other Google Pay users in India and Singapore.

Wise has partnerships with banks and businesses such as Monzo, Bolt and GoCardless.

It is wise to add 1,000 staff worldwide in 2022

Source link It is wise to add 1,000 staff worldwide in 2022

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