ITV Coronation Street fans distracted by the summer and Aaron scenes over “dirty” details

Coronation Street fans were a little distracted when Summer Spellman met newcomer Aaron again. The ITV soap The character rushed away during a deep conversation earlier this week before visiting the cobblestones of a teenager.

Summer and Aaron met in a diabetes support group and the pair was a hit. They quickly exchanged text messages outside the group, and during a trip to Weatherfield on Monday, we saw them meet Summer at Victoria Gardens and share her feelings for Aaron.

He appears to be paying back to the summer crush, he is also keen on dating her, revealing that they were not postponed by being in the same support group due to health problems Did.

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But things changed when summer opened up about the fight against her body image. He tried to tell her that she was “gorgeous”, but her future college students bravely talked about her eating disorders and she clearly wanted to be honest before starting her romance. .. However, when Aaron looked uncomfortable and was sent off immediately, the summer remained crushed.

Then, during the episode on Wednesday night, the pair met again at Roy’s cafe, and while still looking uncomfortable, Aaron was wonderfully supportive towards the summer and she wouldn’t get sick anymore. I promised her. She agreed and offered him a drink, thinking they were back on track.

But he refused it and said it would be best if they didn’t meet each other outside the support group. He got up again and left very quickly. Viewers then disliked what she was seeing when Summer returned to her bedroom apartment, seeing her in her mirror.

Fans were distracted by the cafe scene

However, during the scene between Summer and Aaron, Collie’s fans were distracted by their surroundings. @DennydimpDen tweeted: “# CorrieRoy Cropper is out of your standards !! Where is your hygiene certificate? Take out the marigolds !!! # DirtAlert.”

@ cb_038 points out that: “The wall behind the cafe’s summer is absolutely dirty #Corrie.” @DennydimpDen also noticed and tweeted earlier that week. “The walls of #Corrie #RoysRolls are so dirty that I’m sure the place will be closed !!”

Burned down in summer

It wasn’t all viewers focused, as Aaron was keen to understand why he was giving brushes in the summer after opening his door to him in the summer. @ Wee_Westie29 predicts that:

@ConversationStr states: “Is Aaron dealing with his eating disorder … or does he know someone else? That may explain why he hates dating summer. @Itvcorrie #corrie #coronationstreet. “

@ GOMDT1981 commented: “# corrie My money is also in Aaron, who has an eating disorder.”

ITV Coronation Street fans distracted by the summer and Aaron scenes over "dirty" details

Source link ITV Coronation Street fans distracted by the summer and Aaron scenes over "dirty" details

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