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ITV Coronation Street viewers reveal “Maria Windus” abusers after the horror of sex tapes

Viewers of Coronation Street are confident that they understand who the torturer of Maria Windus is.

The character played by Samia Long Chambon is Political Put career and green issues at the top of her agenda. Environmentally friendly behavior has had unintended consequences, as the extra workload has driven bin workers to strike.

Maria made a passionate speech about recycling to help workers, which backfired when Troll edited her words into rap tunes in a video posted online. However, the abuse was exacerbated at tonight’s show as she created a deepfake video to make her abuser look like she appeared in a porn movie.

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Maria decides to fight back against the troll, claiming she won’t retreat and won’t let the bully win. Her online abuse continued and Maria was threatened with murder at the end of tonight’s episode.

Maria named Max Turner “creep” among tonight’s show and fans twitter I’m sure the character played by Paddy Beaver is behind the abuse.

Melissa said: “I’m sorry for Maria! I think Max did it after she called him creep.”

Jazzi posted: “Why is this Max written all over it? He’s the right little creep Maria was right.”

The tavern commented: “Max has editing skills, right?”

Kelly Ann said: “Is it Max that terrorizes Maria?”

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ITV Coronation Street viewers reveal "Maria Windus" abusers after the horror of sex tapes

Source link ITV Coronation Street viewers reveal "Maria Windus" abusers after the horror of sex tapes

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