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ITV Emmerdale fans say Vanessa “needs to cool” when Susie breaks up with her

Emmerdale fans suggested that Vanessa “relax” after tonight’s episode.

Vanessa’s partner revealed Susie knew Holly Before she died of overdose in 2016. She was desperate to find Holly’s mother Moira, fearing it could lead to her death.

Susie explained to Vanessa that she didn’t want Moira to know that she knew Holly.Vanessa suggested that Moira and Susie could exchange memories, so I didn’t understand why she didn’t realize that Vanessa might be linked. Holly’s death.

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Susie sticks to Vanessa sticking it to herself, and Vanessa agreed before adding: “But you don’t have to keep things away from me. It makes you feel unreliable to me. Susie replied: “You are reading this too much.”

Vanessa explained that no one can ever lie or be dishonest to her. She asked Susie to confide in her, whether it was good or bad. She said: “I really like your Susie, and I know it’s her early days, but I want it to work.”

Susie counterattacked as she said: “You don’t even know I Vanessa. You’re looking for someone to build your life, and I’m not the right person.”

Vanessa was clearly hurt because she said, “But you think so. Did you think you were taking us seriously?”

Susie gently tried to disappoint her as she said: “I think you’re great, and I love you every minute, but I can’t go deeper than this. You’re better than me. Deserves someone. I’m really sorry. “

She picked up her belongings and left the cafe, embarrassing Vanessa.Of the fans twitter Vanessa was acting “very clinging” after such a short relationship and thought she needed to “cool”.

One user said: “Vanessa clings to the relationship #emmerdale too quickly and needs to be chilled,” Sam said. “Vanessa is too clinging to anyone who has just met #Emmerdale.”

Reece said: “Say SLOWDOWN Vanessa #emmerdale now.” Meanwhile, Lauren said, “Why Vanessa is such a desperate #Emmerdale.”

Emmerdale will air on ITV and ITV Hub at 7:30 pm on weekdays

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ITV Emmerdale fans say Vanessa "needs to cool" when Susie breaks up with her

Source link ITV Emmerdale fans say Vanessa "needs to cool" when Susie breaks up with her

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