ITV Emmerdale fans think they found Chloe’s dad

Emedale Fans think they’ve already found it in the village after Chloe Harris’s father thought he was himself Missing from last week’s important scene. Dales’ rookie has been at the center of the drama for the past few weeks since his debut at ITV Soap last August.

Her gangster’s father is now believed to be in prison. Viewers will remember Chloe fleeing her dominant and criminal father, Demon Harris, last year. She was helped by Kelly Wyatt, who worked as a cleaning maid for Chloe’s family, and she previously revealed details of her dangerous boss.

And recently I saw Kelly and her daughter Amy looking for Chloe after moving to the village together. Since then, she has been stalked by the hands of Noah Dingle, her former love concern.

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Emmerdale fans are concerned about Noah’s actions when he discovers that a teenager has taken her key and secretly spying on his previous love interests before wandering around her room. Was there. Not only that, they saw Chloe and Kelly Wyatt listening to the conversation while they were tapping her room. And in the scene that aired last week, Chloe discovered the horrifying truth.

She found hundreds of pictures of herself on her laptop and a recording of her conversation with Kelly and Amy at home. Chloe tried to leave with a laptop just as Noah went home from her store, but when she grilled her about why she suddenly left, her laptop slipped to the floor. I did.

The 18-year-old kid tried to twig it and said he was just trying to find “what she likes.” But when she tried to escape, Chloe fell to her floor, and instead of helping her, Noah put her in her mouth to stop her cry, just as her terrifying mother came in. I put my hand down. She handed over her son to the police, and he would stand up in court shortly after being charged.

Chloe has experienced the trials of stalking

But in a completely different story, Emmerdale viewers think they found Chloe’s dad. Will Taylor recently thinks his daughters Dawn Taylor and Gabby Thomas are still alive after former Jamie Tate (also the son of fiance Kim) pretended to be his death. I found.

After being shot in case of misidentification, Will agreed to help Gabby and asked Harriet Finch to dig up using her position in the police. So During a trip to Dale’s on Tuesday nightWill remained frustrated as Gabby was useless by trolling various reels of CCTV footage. But as PC Finch shared the news with Will, he may remain eating his words.

Then, at the end of Wednesday night’s episode, Will makes a dramatic new plan to find Jamie, meets a man he knows from prison, and wants him to track his future son-in-law. Told. But Will doesn’t seem to want to open his arms back to his home farm.

Fans believe Will’s companions may be related to Chloe

“Find someone. The problem is that everyone wants them to think they’re dead,” Will told his ex-selmate, and when he learned that Jamie was forever away from the village, his plans. Revealed that it was to make sure. Later, his companions shared that Jamie could be “disappeared,” Will replied:

But fans think the mysterious man is actually Chloe’s dad. Helen Adams wrote on Facebook: Gina Brooks said, “Is this guy Chloe’s father?”

ITV Emmerdale fans think they found Chloe's dad

Source link ITV Emmerdale fans think they found Chloe's dad

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