ITV Emmerdale fans will be fiercely “off” in the Leila and Susie scenes

Emmerdale fans remain furious as Leyla Cavanagh is tempted to succumb to the new lows.Viewers ITV soap A few months ago, I learned that a wedding planner was secretly enjoying a drug vendor while having a party with a newcomer, Susie.

Leila looked like a sheep when her colleague appeared in the village as a new love concern for Vanessa Woodfield, but after Susie agreed to keep her secret, the two Returned to the ride like a house of fire, went out and continued to take medicine.

However, when Susie discovered that she was selling drugs to Moira’s daughter Holly before her death due to overdose, she decided to stop using the drugs and advised Leila to do the same. .. But, as ITV Thorpe fans know, Leila doesn’t hit it in her head.

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Leila continued her habit, finding her own drug dealer who appeared in her job in the village in a scene aired earlier this week. However, during her trip to Dale’s Wednesday night, her business owner, Jai Sharma, found Leila’s credit card in the bathroom near her washbasin and returned it to her. Wasn’t thinking about anything.

Jason, a drug dealer, had to find an opportunity to get Jay back as a client and threaten Leila to get the drug back, or sell him through wedding or event planning. But she had a third option to cut off her supply.

When she worked on her decision, Susie intervened and ordered Jason to leave TakeAVow’s office. However, he stood firmly in blackmail, forcing Susie to secretly record her conversation on her phone and threatening to send him to the police if he returned again. Her angry Jason informed Leila that she would cut her off the supply of coke when he left.

Susie stopped Jason’s blackmail on the truck

Clearly angry at what happened, Leila accused Susie of why Holly died. Her terrifying Susie was upset by Leila’s accusations, blaming her for her help, and blaming her for trying to return her Jay to her drug for her own benefit. ..

When the latest scene replayed, Emmerdale fans complained to social media and even said they had “turned off” the soap in a drug plot. @ linda12rose states: “I’m disappointed with the writer because this isn’t a really good story.”

@Lelia_russell writes: @ mairi60 commented:

Melanie Edwards wrote on Facebook: Margo Jenkins said, “It will ruin a great character in Leila.”

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ITV Emmerdale fans will be fiercely "off" in the Leila and Susie scenes

Source link ITV Emmerdale fans will be fiercely "off" in the Leila and Susie scenes

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