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ITV This Morning’s Josie Gibson wept on behalf of Holly Willoughby

Josie Gibson wept in this morning’s episode.

Bristorian presenter drafted to co-host ITV’s flagship daytime program To replace the absent Holly Willow Bee.

Holly was forced to miss the episodes on Tuesday and Wednesday after being attacked by a stomach bug.

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Josie’s stint in yesterday’s episode was a hit among fans, and she held the show thanks to all the viewers who sent her kind message.

She said: ” Social media Sometimes it’s a dark place and yesterday I was in love.

“There are really nice and nice people. I’m really embarrassed, but I cried for about 30 minutes after the show.”

Josie admitted that she was “emotional” to take her place on the iconic sofa and shed tears twice during Wednesday. episode..

Bristrian’s presenter interviewed Grammy-winning musician Gregory Porter at today’s show with regular host Phillips Scofield.

Josie said she was a big fan of jazz artists and was impressed by the breathtaking performance of the hit single Hey Laura.

She said: “Honestly, I really feel your music.”

Josie also overcame emotions during the tragic edition of the Dear Deidre section when a viewer named Ellen opened her stillbirth.

She said: “I love Ellen so much and send you. It’s really difficult.”

Viewers of the show above twitter Similarly impressed by Ellen’s explanation, he praised Josie for not hiding her emotions in the air.

Charlie said: “Oh, Josie, I’m very considerate of Ellen.”

Jen says, “I love the fact that Josie wears her heart on her sleeves and I’m not afraid to show her feelings. I really like her as a presenter!”

Jody commented: “Bless her, poor Josie trying to keep it together.”

Jennifer tweeted: “Josie is so nice and compassionate she is not xx”

This morning it will air on ITV and ITV Hub at 10am on weekdays

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ITV This Morning's Josie Gibson wept on behalf of Holly Willoughby

Source link ITV This Morning's Josie Gibson wept on behalf of Holly Willoughby

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