iVendi makes senior appointments as part of its expansion plan

iVendi has made two senior appointments as it will double its sales over the next three years.

Dale Reed has been appointed Vice President of Product Management. He has been in IT for 30 years, starting as a software engineer, specializing in data aggregation and business intelligence, and then moving to product management.

For the past decade, he has been hired by Insurtech to build telematics solutions designed to help understand driver behavior.

He states: “IVendi is expanding rapidly, both in terms of opportunities and talent, and requires a product roadmap that aligns with the business vision and strategy, along with a good discovery, research and improvement process. Helps smooth the path when further scaling up to support clients.

“Understanding the impact of new product initiatives across dealers, creditors, consumers, etc. means that you can validate your ideas before writing a line of code. Make sure your ideas are spread to your business and product delivery teams. Doing means really understanding the value of the work that people offer. “

John Cross is now VP Engineering. In his nearly 25-year career, he has worked in a wide range of industries, from video games to banking. His recent experience at the IRIS Software Group has focused on replacing legacy desktop accounting and payroll software with cloud-based platforms.

He works with the manager of iVendi’s team of more than 65 software engineers to promote engineering, process, and talent leadership best practices, helping to define enterprise-level goals and key outcomes. ..

He states: “My main purpose is to support development resources and help grow our internal team, especially to meet the needs of the new European market we are entering, in order to optimize the delivery of new features to iVendi’s product suite. It is in line with the company’s growth plan.

“All this must be done while maintaining the positive and inclusive spirit that has already been implemented here. IVendi has a strong cultural identity and is to attract and maintain high quality talent. One of the important ways is simply to have a very comfortable workplace. We are planning rapid growth, but while maintaining the business content that it is a very fun and entertaining workplace. I am anxious to do so. I will help make this growth journey as smooth as possible for our team. “

“The expansion goal we announced at the end of last year is ambitious, but we are off to a strong start and we are confident that we can reach it by adding Dale and John to the team. Currently, we have seven excellent VPs. We have a team in place, which means we are on track for growth. “

iVendi makes senior appointments as part of its expansion plan

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