Jacob Collier celebrates Grammy Award-winning 2021

British musician Jacob Collier Nominated for the number of This year’s Grammy AwardsAnd on March 14th, he won the Best Arrangement, Instrument and Vocal Award for his original song “He Won’t Hold You”. He was also nominated for the best R & B performance and album of the year. Jesse Vol. 3.. The Koreas have had an impressive relationship with the Grammy Awards over the years, winning two Best Arrangements, Instrumentals, or Capellas in 2017 and 2021, as well as two Best Arrangements, Instruments, and Vocals. I will.

This year’s Grammy-winning Collier told viewers, “I’m very honored to be here. It’s very safe to leave home,” and struggling to find a place to award the award. I shared. , Having is not a bad problem. He also shared his plans to celebrate his victory, and they are a bit unusual. .. .. “Maybe I’m going to swim in the sea”, He said E!news.. “London doesn’t have the ocean, so I think it’s better to take advantage of the ocean and the terrain of the ocean while at home. I feel that shocking the system is the only way. I really understand this. , That’s my next move, “he added.

Jacob Collier celebrates Grammy Award-winning 2021

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