Jak Alnwick does not punch into the rigorous assessment of St Mirren’s situation in dire situations

Jak Alnwick warned St Mirren’s teammates to forget their top six aspirations until they finished seven unwinning runs.

Joe Shaughnessy’s suspension substitute Skipper urged his teammates to step up after making harsh words in both half-time and full-time goalless draws with Ross County, so the club’s I darkly evaluated my destiny. Paisley.

“I don’t say much, but in half-time I was from me to certain people, and from the manager to certain people, and that’s it, it’s football,” Arunwick shared frankly in the dressing room. I said about the words.

“Sometimes you dig up some in half-time to get that reaction, and I didn’t think we had a reaction in the second half.

“There are a few people who need to check the reality a bit. Players need to start digging in and the game may need to be a little more specialized and shaped.

“I will forget to say the top 6, I’m tired of saying it, I’m tired of going” We’re going to get the top 6, we’re going to do this intend to do…”. Forget it, we have to win the game. It’s not about seeing a pile of trash, “We need this, we need it.”We have to go and win the game football..

“When it comes to performance, I think it’s probably a lot better than last season, so get rid of it. But when it comes to points, it’s not about putting points on the football board, not performance.”

It was another very frustrating night for Arunwick, but he pulled out many top saves at least to score points.

However, he argued that he had only one goal scored in the previous five outings and that improvements were needed in all areas of the pitch for Buddy to finish seven runs without winning. ..

Arunwick honestly states: Looking back again, not all levels are sufficient. I said you want to save them and win the game.

“Before the match, he said he could win, be in the top six, lose the match and be almost in the bottom two.

“I think this is an eight draw, so I didn’t lose the game, but there’s a lot of trash.

“I’m not downplaying Ross County, but they’re in the bottom two and I don’t know if they’ve saved 5, 6 or 7 times, and with one save, with the bar. That’s not enough.

“In every department, there is no player responsible and no manager responsible for such things. You just have to sit down and start winning the game. It’s just as easy.

“We keep saying that (we need a reaction). That’s a pointless story. The last thing I said before going out was a” good start. ” Ten minutes later, we were absolutely terrible, so I think we’re saying something now. And it’s time for people to start stepping up.

“This season, Jamie McGrath once scored a goal with Livingston and Connor Ronan on a mysterious strike at the Rangers.

“I’m not saying that the striker needs to score a goal. When he goes up to the corner, he’s a defender, and the midfielder is a wing.

“We have a good character in that dressing room, we have a great lighting technician, and we’re sure to turn things around, but instead of talking about it we do it You need to get started. ”

Jak Alnwick does not punch into the rigorous assessment of St Mirren’s situation in dire situations

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