Jake Paul responds to provocation by trolling Floyd Mayweather and Gervonta Davis

YouTube stars ridiculed Davis for pay-per-view sales and chased promoter Floyd Mayweather.

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Boxing: New footage shared in Mayweather and Jake Paul brawl

Jake Paul mercilessly vandalized Floyd Mayweather and Gervonta Davis after the world champion ridiculed his opponents using the YouTube star’s name.

Davis was fighting Rolando Romero at Staples Center on December 5, calling his rivals “clowns” and “Jake Paul” at a fierce launch press conference.

Romero and Davis are two of the world’s top lightweights, going back and forth at media events to check the dates of their battles.

However, the headline was created by YouTube star Paul. After hearing Davis’s jibe, he decided to use social media to mock the fighters with pay-per-view numbers.

Paul is a beginner compared to Davis and weighs 60 pounds heavier than a native Baltimore, but is listed as a future opponent on his “hits list”.

Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather had a physical quarrel earlier this year


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And he counterattacked Davis twitter Yesterday, he changed his username to “clownman69” and mocked PPV sales, saying his recent fights have more than doubled his rivals, despite major differences in skills.

“This clown doubles your wallet in my fourth fight,” Paul said in a post to his more than 4 million followers, as a kid placed next to Davis’s photo. Said with the picture of.

“This clown is twice as tall as what your PPV buys, and twice as tall as Gervonta.

“When we were the same height, Gervonta should have fought me in kindergarten.”

Davis’ last two PPV matches between Leo Santa Cruz and Mario Barrios both sold the reported 200,000-225,000 units, but said Paul’s match against Tyron Woodley in August exceeded 500,000. It is.

And Paul also decided to shoot Davis promoter Mayweather. Mayweather had a physical quarrel earlier this year.

He posted a photo in the photoshop on the heads of John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell characters in the movie “Step Brothers” by Davis and Mayweather, naming the pair “Stuttering Brothers”.

And he posted a personal message to the legendary former World Champion: “Dear Floyd,

“If you can read this, tell the doll Gervonta not to say my name. Sincerely-Clownman 69.”

Which is the big boxing draw, Jake Paul or Gervonta Davis?Please let us know at Comment section!!

He added that he should stop pushing the message of rivalry, but he often admitted that he “cannot help himself.”

“I need to react to these fighters and stop promoting their fights more than they (and their promoters),” he said. “But sometimes I just can’t help myself.”

He also Instagram Share a video of a promotional backboard falling during an outdoor press conference, mocking the quality of the Mayweather Promotions event.

And on his promotional page, a photo of Paul pointing out a “Gottchahat” tattoo is shared, reminiscent of the moment he began a physical replacement with Mayweather this summer.

During a press conference promoting a boxing legendary exhibition match with his brother Logan, Jake took Mayweather’s cap and led to a brawl at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium.

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Jake Paul responds to provocation by trolling Floyd Mayweather and Gervonta Davis

Source link Jake Paul responds to provocation by trolling Floyd Mayweather and Gervonta Davis

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