Jake Quikenden reveals incredible physical changes in just 12 weeks

Jake Quikenden excited his fans by revealing the changes in his body for 12 weeks.

Celebrity SAS Star, 33, was praised for her washboard abdominal muscles for her impressive posts before and after the photo.


Jake Quikenden proves that his efforts will pay offCredit: Instagram

“I’m happy with this, the difference of 12 weeks !!” said proud Jake.

“You can do anything with hard work. For me, exercise is good not only for the body but also for the mind.

“The workout was a release and helped us address last year’s anxieties.

“I wasn’t feeling sick before, but I wasn’t disciplined or motivated !!”

After shoulder surgery, he left training for seven months.

He admitted: “Yes, I’m too nervous and trying to shit my pants in a later photo, but the difference is clear!

“I have never been so happy and healthy. My heart in a wonderful place has perfected me to be a dad and I am ready to challenge.”

Fans quickly commented on his incredible physique, but admitted that many were very distracted by his bulge.

One said, “Your package looks big.”

“I like the underwear being smaller,” another person added.

Someone else admitted: “I can’t see the lunch box.”

One cheeky follower commented, “I’m happy with my pants.”

Jake went through his pace during the shoot Celebrity SAS: Who DaresWins-It caused horrific injuries.

The 33-year-old needed surgery after a painful injury that occurred when he tried to get to the boat at sea.

As the new dad explains, he cried in pain when the doctor rushed to help. “I broke my skeletal and biceps muscles, so the tendons were torn straight from the bones.

“I had to extend it to my shoulders. There are four pins on my shoulders, all fixed in place.

“I had no feeling in my arm for 48 hours after surgery. It was as if my arm was completely gone.”

He is a favorite of Celebrity SAS


He is a favorite of Celebrity SASCredits: Pete Dadds / Channel 4
Jake Quikenden is emotionally discussing his brother’s death from cancer at Celebrity SAS.

Jake Quikenden reveals incredible physical changes in just 12 weeks

Source link Jake Quikenden reveals incredible physical changes in just 12 weeks

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