James Corden pays homage to comedian Norm Macdonald

James Corden pays homage to Norm Macdonald, explaining that the comedian is one of the greatest late-night television guests to date.

McDonald’s, best known for his work at the long-running Sketch Show Saturday Night Live, died on Tuesday, 61, after nine years of private fighting cancer.

The Canadian stand-up was famous for his impressive appearance on a late-night television show in the United States.

His 2014 joke about a moth’s visit to a podiatrist at the Conan O’Brien show after McDonald’s death was hailed as a classic.

McDonald’s is a unique talent, said Corden, who hosts the Late Show.

He states: “Some really sad news today, we’ve lost the absolute comedy legend. I think you’ve seen this in today’s news. The fight against cancer for years.

“A battle that Norm has never told anyone. He was absolutely great because all he wanted to do was make us laugh.

“There was no one like him. I felt privileged whenever I was able to get him on track. He left us as one of the greatest cartoons of all time, probably late at night. One of the greatest guests in the history of television. “

In his late-night show, Seth Meyers, a former Saturday Night Live star, paid tribute to McDonald’s.

“He is the gold standard and he will continue to be the gold standard,” Myers said.

“I suggest everyone go to see him talk about moths in Conan. Tonight I’m going to see a lot of Norm Macdonald, because they’re really really the times Because it transcends. “

James Corden pays homage to comedian Norm Macdonald

Source link James Corden pays homage to comedian Norm Macdonald

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