Jamie Reid, defender of Janfield Swift, switches Barbados flights back in time for the Scottish Cup dream

Jamie Reid never missed such a special opportunity.

Janfield Swift’s defender was to be in Barbados on the same day his teammates lined up for the second round draw of the historic Scottish Cup with Annan Athletic.

However, he forked hundreds of pounds to shuffle the flight dates and returned in time to make a choice at Galabank this Saturday afternoon.

The long-time full-back Reed (30), who proposed to partner with Jade Montgomery in the Caribbean, is fine and can’t wait for a glorious shot on such a spectacular stage.

“We booked Barbados and went up to Invaluri in Round 1 to win,” he smiled and picked up the beginning of the story.

“I was in bed with a stinky hangover waiting for a draw the next morning, and we were pulled away from the pot by Annan Athletic.

“I turned to Jade and said,’This will be great for the club. There will never be another chance like this.”

“I went to the bath, and she trolled the door with the news that we were supposed to be on holiday that day. I didn’t want to miss the game, so I huffed for about 10 minutes. rice field.

“I came in and said I needed to readjust the holidays. It was okay if I could move it. I think it was a total of £ 900 to change flights.

“I didn’t want to cancel altogether because I arranged something else. I proposed to Jade on a holiday!”

The sun was shining, the golden sands and idyllic palm trees gently swayed in the breeze, and there were many celebrations. However, Reed admits that he had a hard time keeping his mind away from everything in Jeanfield.

“Jade and her mom have season tickets, so I didn’t really want to miss the Jeanfield match,” Reed laughed.

“The travel agency managed to relocate it, and that was it. It needed a lot of foothold. All the fun and games.

“The boys were laughing at me saying I paid just £ 900 to sit on the bench. If I were, I just want to be part of it all.

“The lighting technician said he would enjoy the vacation. But I had been using the running machines for a few days. I actually did! I took pictures to show them. I was taking a picture.

“I talked about the game all the time on vacation. I was sitting in the sun but couldn’t wait to get back to this football match. Wake up every morning and check what everyone is saying I’m Jeanfield’s family.

“The game was always deep in my heart as much as I loved the holidays and tried to relax. I thought about it every day. Another day was approaching, another day was approaching.”

Reed, who played with Cowdenbeath at an early age, is well aware that Swift needs to hit the top form to get a chance of a cup shock.

He states: Do their shapes compared to us now put us in a good position?

“Or will they come out with all the guns burned? Anyway, I’m fine. Each of us will be in the match on Saturday. I know it for the fact.

“Fans and the noise they made in Invalry was a factor and it helped us a lot. To double or triple it with us in Annan, the hair is behind the neck standing.”

Like everyone else in Jeanfield, Reed has tagged the game as the biggest in club history.

“This is all,” he continued. “I’ve been magical, but I’ve been in the club for nearly a decade.

“I’m the second oldest on the team right now, so I know I’m running out of time. Time is important now. I wasn’t expecting to play at this level yet. Many I thought I might have drifted, as people do.

“It’s a professional setup in Jeanfield and they encourage you to go that extra mile. It kept involving me. I have a boy with better abilities, so I join it. I’ve put in a little more of that extra to do. “

Reed added: “Some of the players in the dressing room are astounding, so I’m confident that a day like this will come again for the team. The team is getting stronger and stronger.”

Jamie Reid, defender of Janfield Swift, switches Barbados flights back in time for the Scottish Cup dream

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