JANET STREET-PORTER: Requests to police intensify efforts against Just Stop Oil ‘tofu twerps’

Janet Street-Porter said,

Janet Street-Porter said, “I completely understand the desire to save the planet, and I wholeheartedly support that mantra. Anyone with half a brain can survive famine, drought, and floods.” We agree that we must change our lifestyles to prevent the climate change that will bring about

Just Stop Oil activists see themselves as brave soldiers fighting the war against oil and gas. Suela Braverman (Remember the late Home Minister?) called them “tofu-eating fanatics.”

I choose “twerps”.

Everyone who drives Central London Or anyone trying to cross the Thames in the last few days may be tempted to use the same words that Channel 4 news presenter Krishnan Guru Murthy chose to describe Government Minister Stephen Baker. Hmm.

Every day this month, tofu twerps are wreaking havoc. For today’s prank, I sprayed Harrods with orange spray and glued the road outside. So far, they’ve threw paint on an Aston Martin showroom, splattered a Scotland Yard sign, and tomato-his-soup on a priceless painting (Sunflowers by Vincent Van Goff) in London’s National Gallery.

Tempers were devastated and hundreds of arrests were made, only half of a month of chaos planned by an American billionaire-funded organization (Just Stop Oil). He inherited a fortune from legendary oil tycoon John Paul Getty and donated most of it.

She co-founded a charity, the Climate Emergency Fund. This charity brings together millions to fund direct action aimed at final drilling for oil and gas.

In 2019, Getty donated $500,000 to Extinction Rebellion. The Extinction Rebellion are the protest group that blocked London Bridge and caused massive chaos at Oxford Circus last year. She has been given a similar amount to fund the Just Stop Oil campaign, and says “disruption” is needed to ensure a change in the government’s attitude.

I fully understand the desire to save the planet, and I wholeheartedly support that mantra. Anyone with half a brain agrees that we must change our lifestyles to prevent climate change that brings famine, drought and floods.

“Just Stop Oil campaigners see themselves as brave soldiers fighting the war on oil and gas. called an eating fanatic

But these protesters are targeting the wrong people – ordinary people who drive to work because trains are on strike, ambulance drivers who carry the sick to hospital. Vans and truck drivers make deliveries, bringing food and essentials to stores. Construction workers, skilled tradesmen simply do their job.

Greta Thunberg has amassed millions of followers inspired by her dedication to saving the planet.

Just Stop Oil demonstrators ran onto the track of the British Grand Prix and invaded the pitch of a football match. It’s frustrating, but acceptable to many of us. Weekend marches are less inconvenient.

Closing the bridge for two days on weekdays, disrupting traffic to and from the Channel ports, causing six miles of traffic jams and shutting off the entire South East of England is another matter. His two men, who had millions of pounds wasted, climbed to claim their claim, but did not come down.

Even more disturbing is the perverted language of eco-fanatics. When I tweeted that throwing soup over the famous painting wouldn’t solve the problem, dozens of eco-zombie protested, claiming it was “not vandalism” because the painting was under glass. .

‘Tofu twerps are wreaking havoc every day this month,’ says Janet Street-Porter

One university professor wrote that he considered vandalism to be an “act of genius,” and that the painting was redisplayed “after wiping it down,” so there’s no need to worry.

According to Associate Professor James Dyke, “There is no art on a dead planet.” Perhaps his view makes destroying David Hockney, for example, perfectly understandable and even something to celebrate.

Has the world gone crazy?

Called Phoebe and Something Like a Lettuce Leaf, the two smirking soup chuckers set a dangerous precedent with Just Stop Oil’s trendy tees. The next person who wants to make a case for saving the plight of the earth or dairy cows might decide to use a flamethrower or an axe.

You may wonder why the police stand on the sidelines and ruin the lives of the masses who are trying to make a living and live a normal daily life for these demonstrators.

The Met’s new commissioner says he can only be arrested if he’s causing “serious disruption to community life.” The inconvenience seems unreliable.

Fed up drivers were seen dragging demonstrators out after sitting in the middle of the road

If a pregnant mother loses her baby or if someone dies of heart failure while trapped in an ambulance during the Just Stop Oil standoff, the police may act more quickly.

Metropolitan Police said they would need the consent of the Mayor of London, Transport for London or local authorities before they could enter.

But a law passed earlier this year gave police the power to arrest protesters blocking roads and sentenced them to up to a year in prison.

You have the right to free speech. And you have the right to work on time. Freedom seems to weigh heavily on the side of those who don’t have to check in or sign on.

Why do the police and the Mayor of London look so feeble when faced with a swarm of tofu? Angry women demonstrating (such as the Sarah Everard tribute on Clapham Common) and Black Lives Matter campaigners Show them an event you attend and they will immediately start getting people going.

Protesters sprayed Harrods door in Knightsbridge with orange paint

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