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“Jimmy Line” gang clashes as dealers try to throw away drug and cash satchel

Police have dismantled a drag ring called the “Jimmy” line that supplies heroin and crack cocaine between Merseyside and Cumbria.

Dealers are the latest Merseyside organization captured in an attempt to flood the city of Barrow-in-Furness. Class A medicine In the last few months.

The town is the target of ruthless dealers trying to prey on high levels of addiction and deprivation.

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On March 9, this year, Cumbria police officers identified a telephone line called Jimmy Line, which operates from somewhere in the Merseyside area.

On the morning of March 10, the phone sent a text to a list of Barrow’s customers promoting Class A drugs for sale.

The unit discovered that the text had been sent to Merseyside, but throughout the day Jimmy Line coordinated sales in the town of Cumbria.

From left: Tony Miller (35), Daniel Block (30), Brady Cole (31) imprisoned for a drug supply plot between Merseyside and Cumbria.

Police intelligence revealed that Daniel Block, 30, was acting as a “street dealer” at Barrow’s scene, handing drugs to end users.

Detectives have discovered that Brock is active from the home address of a companion called Tony Miller on Annan Street in Barrow.

After 2:00 pm, police attacked the address, and as they entered, they noticed a satchel being thrown through the window.

It was later recovered and found to contain £ 3,020 in cash and 74 Class A drug street transactions, with some torts scattered on the back of the building and on the adjacent rooftop.

Brock and 35-year-old Miller were both inside and arrested on suspicion of supplying Class A medication.

While Cumbrian officers are working on street suppliers, their colleagues Merseyside Police I was moving to a more advanced member of the drag ring.

Immediately after the attack on Barrow, a vehicle carrying a 31-year-old Brady Call, the commander of the operational unit, was handed over to the unit at Merseyside.

Inside the car, a car police officer found a cell phone that was being used as Jimmy Line, and Cole was arrested.

Later, all three men admitted in court a plot to supply Class A drugs.

Cole, who lives in East Lane, Runcorn, was sentenced to four years and four months in prison by Brock, who lives on Raleigh Street in Barrow, and Miller was detained for two years.

The conviction formed part of an operational fraft launched to target the “Jimmy” line.

A spokesperson for a serious and organized criminal team in the Cumbria Police South community said:

“This is the result of some excellent multi-institutional efforts with our Merseyside colleagues. We continue to work closely with our multi-institutional partners.

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“Thanks to the dedication and dedication of the police officers involved in this operation. We will continue to target police officers at all levels of the supply chain to dismantle the drug population.

“The Cumbria Police recently took a more focused approach to the threat posed by serious organized crime to the community by forming a serious organized crime team (C-SOC team) in the community.

“These have a geographical responsibility to target regional SOCs, with the support of a wide range of specialist functions available in Cambria, including force intelligence units, serious organized crime units, economic crime units, and operational support. An agile and aggressive team of experts, a road crime unit, and a road police unit.

“The Cambrian police are also working extensively daily with the Merseyside Police and law enforcement partners of the Regional Organized Crime Unit to combat serious and organized crime and county boundaries in particular.”

Detective Gary Stratton, Chief Detective of the Merseyside Police Project Medusa, has been added. “” Today’s ruling demonstrates our continued commitment to working with other unit partners to crack down on the county line’s drug supply.

“Project Medusa is dedicated to completely reducing the boundaries of these counties, and as this study shows, regional boundaries are not important. We work with other unit partners. It then tracks responsible persons and brings them to trial while assisting those who may be exploited by these organized crime groups.

“This type of drug trade not only harms the lives of drug users and the communities in which they trade, but also the lives of the young and vulnerable people used to store and sell drugs. People who are often the target of violence and intimidation.

“We will continue to work with police across the country to make sure there is no safe place for such criminals to hide.”

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"Jimmy Line" gang clashes as dealers try to throw away drug and cash satchel

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