Joe Aribo suggested that the “unique” midfielder would be the Rangers’ Yaya Toure because of its high reputation.

When he first hit his eyes Joe Aribo I thought he saw Yaya Toure on his left foot.

But when Aston Villa defender Ezri Konsa sees his companion illuminating Ibrox, he realizes that no one else is like him.

The pair was a young Charlton Athletic teammate and was eager to create the first team.

And Consa soon learned that when Aribo arrived from Non-League Stainestown in 2015, he was at the top.

They became close friends and formed bonds that still exist today, even with Glasgow midfielders and Premier League centre-backs.

Consa says Aribo’s sloppy style, soft legs, and running power initially reminded him of former Barcelona and Manchester City superstar Toure.

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But in retrospect, the 23-year-old Londoner thinks it’s unique in British football.

in the meantime Rangers Aribo, who has struggled to hit Top Gear so far this season, was one of their illustrious lights.

He is the key man now Steven Gerrard On his side, fellow Consa believes he has taken the game to a whole new level since he left the valley two years ago.

NS Aston Villa Ace said MailSport : “I and Joe go back to the Charlton era together. He’s a really good friend and a great person to be around.

“He’s the type that everyone loves in the changing room, and he’s a great player.

“We’ve all seen it in England, and now in Scotland, but as a friend to me, it’s about how he carries himself. He’s a very humble man.

“Joe is really focused on improving himself and loves games.

“With Gerrard as the Rangers manager, he’s taken a step further.

“Joe’s style is unique. When I was with him in Charlton, he reminded me of Yaya Toure on his left foot for a while.

“But there aren’t many midfielders like Joe. There aren’t many around.

“For a tall man like Toure, he has very nice legs.

“But that sloppy style he has is actually quite unique in-game.

“When he first came to Charlton, he was very quiet and really shy.

“It took me a long time to open and start talking to everyone else.

“But we knew he had great abilities. I remember when I was there I thought it was only a matter of time before he broke into Charlton’s first team. I am.

“What he did on the pitch was unrealistic. He seemed to be still there.
Play street soccer.

“So we knew he would go far in the game.”

Aribo was a prominent figure in Adix when he was promoted to the championship with a playoff victory at Wembley in 2019.

He was urged to stay in England by then-lighting technician Lee Bowyer. Lee Bowyer questioned Playmaker’s decision to join the Rangers later. However, Consa praised his companion for moving north of the border, and after winning the Premiership title last season, Aribo’s move was completely justified.

He is a particular starter for Gers at today’s old firm derby, and the villa guy said:

“I always thought it would be a good move for him, especially since Gerard is the manager.

“He only improved climbing there.

“I think he was a bit criticized at the time because some people felt he should stay in England.

“And it was difficult for him at first because he had never left.
Home before.

“It has always been difficult for him to go to a new club, Scotland, in a facility he has never experienced.

“So he had to settle into the Rangers, and that’s what he did now. And he really kicked for them.

“Last week I saw a goal he scored against Ross County. It was a great goal, but that’s what Joe can do for you.

“Going to Rangers has helped me a lot. He also plays in the Europa League every year, which is a big platform for him. He won the title last season, and Joe won this season. Who knows what can be continued in Europe?

“It’s exciting to see what his future will look like.”

Aribo has a deal with Ibrox until the end of next season, and Gerrard is desperate to keep him longer.

But he is also one of the champion’s most valuable assets, and when he arrived, his manager also had his potential sales value after being involved in a reduced cross-border transaction. I talked about.

Every time Consa saw him on TV for Gers, he was impressed, but not so surprised.

He expects him to play at the highest level of the game-and admits he wants to see him strut his stuff
England’s top flight.

Consa said: “Joe can be as high as he wants and feels like this isn’t the last step in his career.

“He can go to a higher level again.

“When I see him play in the Rangers, he sometimes makes the game look easy.

“In terms of his abilities, for such a tall man, he always had great legs.

“He was really strong from an early age. He was able to move from box to box and defend when needed.

“Joe had everything as a midfielder at the time-and he still does.

“This is just the beginning for him. He gets up and draws everyone’s attention.

“I want to meet him in the English Premier League someday.

“No matter what happens, this is definitely just the beginning of Joe Aribo.”

Joe Aribo suggested that the "unique" midfielder would be the Rangers' Yaya Toure because of its high reputation.

Source link Joe Aribo suggested that the "unique" midfielder would be the Rangers' Yaya Toure because of its high reputation.

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