Joe Browns Launches First Children’s Clothing Capsule

Home and fashion retailer Joe Browns has unveiled its first collection of children’s clothing capsules.

The capsule, which consists of various graphic T-shirts, consists of 12 pieces. The three prints, called Minimy, are essentially festive, and one design is inspired by the annual Diadelos Muertos Festival in Mexico.

Other designs include sunflowers, bees and tigers.

“For some time, our customers have asked us about children’s clothing. Our unique and fun handwriting, inspired by a group of friends who laugh, make jokes, and do carefree things, is a wardrobe. Is in perfect harmony with what both parents and children are looking for, “said Joe Browns, Buying Director of Jane Reik.

The brand recently announced a new strategy to achieve annual sales of £ 100m by 2026. We aim to introduce this brand to more people and expand the existing range of household items and loungewear. As part of this strategy, the expansion into children’s clothing is expected to reach a new consumer base for brands.

“MiniMe is a capsule collection to get you started rolling balls,” Reik said. “We continue to look to establish how well it works and are devoted to our ambition to reach £ 100m in sales by 2026.”

Joe Browns Launches First Children’s Clothing Capsule

Source link Joe Browns Launches First Children’s Clothing Capsule

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