Joe Gazar at Mayfair’s Main Restaurant

What exactly is an American brasserie? ..

They are inspired by the wonderful traditions of European brasseries and American English gastropubs. They are a familiar, accessible place where you know what you are trying to get. What makes it American is that we do it with a little more attitude. It’s more fun and the part is more generous. Dubai already has three restaurants in Maine and is doing very well.

You are from canada Why focus on New England? ..

Montreal is pretty close to New England and I spent a lot of time in Maine and Vermont. But as a Canadian, I couldn’t escape by opening a restaurant without poutine with the wonderful Bloody Caesar (Bloody Mary made from Kuramato juice). The latter cheese curd is imported from Quebec.

What else is on the menu? ..

Focus on seafood such as various chowder popular in New England and the famous crispy fish tacos. We also have a large selection of raw seafood, including a wide variety of oysters. The grill is also important. We make great burgers and serve a variety of American style steaks. There are also more surprising and contemporary dishes, such as fried chicken with caviar. There is one basic menu for the entire venue, but it depends a little on which room you are in. Brasserie, for example, focuses on grilled dishes.

Will the wine list for New England and Canadian wines grow?..

Joe Gazar at Mayfair’s Main Restaurant

Source link Joe Gazar at Mayfair’s Main Restaurant

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