Johnson warns about the next easing of the blockade in England London Welsh Boris Johnson Chaandnag Paul British Medical Association

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson The next planned mitigation of coronavirus restrictions on Saturday England This month is delayed as a result of the spread of the delta variant first identified in India

Johnson has seen infections across the UK since February in a series of interviews beside the Group of Seven summit in South West England.

The UK Government plans to take the next step in liberating the UK from the blockade by removing all legal restrictions on social contact, including allowing the reopening of nightclubs since the March 2020 pandemic. doing. Monday June 21st timetable.

However, the recent increase in new cases has led many scientists to demand delays of up to four weeks, allowing more people to be vaccinated before the restrictions are lifted.

“It’s clear that Indian variants are more susceptible to infection, and it’s also true that cases are increasing and hospitalization levels are rising,” Johnson told Sky News. Obviously it is a matter of serious and serious concern, although it leads to extra mortality. “

When asked if he was more optimistic than at the end of May, he replied, “Yes, that’s certainly fair.”

The UK has recorded about 128,000 coronavirus-related deaths, more than any other country in Europe. After a devastating winter surge, COVID-19 deaths have fallen sharply recently, following months of strict blockades and rapid vaccine deployments.

Due to the improved background, over the past two months, blockage restrictions have been relaxed in the United Kingdom, and most sectors of the economy and society operate within the guidelines of social distance. The four UK countries (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) have lifted restrictions at various paces, but have generally pursued similar plans.

But lately, more and more scientists have become more and more concerned and are calling on the UK government to postpone the June 21 easing. This is “Free Day.” By some of the British media.

Proponents of the suspension, including the British Medical Association, are more effective in deploying the vaccine by allowing more young people to get the first shot and older people to get the second shot. It says it will.

Doctor Chaand Nagpaul “If all restrictions are prematurely relaxed, there is a great risk that good jobs will be canceled and further promote infection,” said the chairman of the British Medical Association Council.

“It’s not only the number of hospitalizations, but also the health risks of many young people who may suffer from long-term symptoms that affect their ability to live and work,” he added.

Vaccine deployment, which was primarily age-based, was extended to 25-29 years earlier this week. The government states that all adults want to receive at least one dose by the end of July. So far, about 62% of the UK population has made one shot, while 43% have made two shots.

Government figures reported on Friday showed 8,125 new daily cases. This is the highest daily number since February 26th, which means that the 7-day average, which smoothes daily fluctuations, has tripled over the past month.

Delta mutants, which are thought to be at least 40% more contagious than previous dominant strains, now account for over 90% of all newly identified infections in the United Kingdom.

Johnson appeared to indicate that he was ready to sanction the suspension of the blockade easing, but sought to downplay concerns that restrictions would be imposed again. When Johnson announced in February the government’s four-step plan to break out of the blockade, he emphasized that all planned mitigations would be driven by “data, not dates,” and that each step would be irreversible. did.

“The overall point of having an irreversible roadmap is to make it irreversible, and as I’ve said repeatedly, sometimes you have to be careful to do that.” He said.

“To cheer you up a bit, I want to tell you that scientists agree on one thing: I don’t think they can go the other way,” Johnson adds. I did.


Jill Lawless contributed from Falmouth, England.


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Johnson warns about the next easing of the blockade in England London Welsh Boris Johnson Chaandnag Paul British Medical Association

Source link Johnson warns about the next easing of the blockade in England London Welsh Boris Johnson Chaandnag Paul British Medical Association

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