José Mourinho’s thin veil bargain at Romelu Lukaku’s Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Jose Mourinho explained that Romelu Lukaku needs to “have a great relationship with his coach” and “feel important” in order to play the best. Manchester United..

Lukaku has starred in Inter Milan since leaving Old Trafford in 2019 and has flourished under Antonio Conte.

It questioned Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s decision to leave Manchester United, and Mourinho now suggests that human control is important for his resurrection.

During his tenure at Inter, Lukaku played 95 games in all tournaments, scoring 64 goals and helping him win his first Serie A title in 11 years.

Mourinho, who signed with United’s Lukaku in 2017, said forwards were “loved” at Intel. Times : “The last two years at Inter Milan have given him height and confidence he never had before.

Jose Mourinho believes that Romelu Lukaku needs a “great relationship with his coach” to be successful in the club.

“so Chelsea, He was still a kid. At Manchester United, he was still in development. At Intel he became Topman.

“He has come to be loved. Great love from supporters, love from teammates, great relationships with coaches.

“He’s a big guy, physically very strong, but there are some kids who need that love, need that support, and need to feel important.”

Lukaku had previously said under Solskger that he “did not even feel that he wanted 100%,” and explained that he decided to leave after widespread deployment.

Talk to Collier dello sports, Lukaku said: “It was after the match West ham At home: Solskjaer decided to line up a very wide right wing.

“The experience in Manchester was smart because not everything went as expected. I didn’t beat what I expected, the performance wasn’t completely positive and I wanted 100%. I didn’t even feel it.

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“Not from the technical staff or colleagues, but from the people around me. So, after the match with Chelsea, the coach called me to a meeting on April 28 and told him what I thought and wanted to leave. ..

“He read on my face that I didn’t want to stay anymore, and he replied that no one wanted to oppose it.

“He understood my point of view and promised me that he would do everything possible to satisfy me.”

Lukaku has prospered since joining Inter Milan
Lukaku has prospered since joining Inter Milan

Lukaku added that Solskger has his “eternal respect” for how he handled his departure. [Solskjaer] I had no problems with him until I was respected and left Manchester.

“But even the management helped me. I also talked to Ed Woodward and Matt Judge, and everyone understood why I wanted to leave.

“It was a frank and honest conversation. There was no war, but the decisions were shared. That’s why United and Solskger leaders have my eternal respect.”

José Mourinho's thin veil bargain at Romelu Lukaku's Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

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