Josep Guardiola counterattacks Thomas Tuchel’s allegations against Covid

Pep Guardiola Counterattacked Thomas Tuchel’s claim Manchester city I haven’t suffered as badly as the Covid-19 case in Chelsea in the last few weeks.

Chelsea boss Tuhel cites the lack of key players after a positive test at the London Club as one of the reasons Champions City scored 10 points at the top of the Premier League.

“They weren’t suffering COVID This is a big difference, as we’ve done over the weeks, “said the Germans prior to the clash between the two clubs at Etihad Stadium on Saturday.

His remarks come later Liverpool Defender Virgil van Dijk suggested that Citi may have been luckier than Merseyside during the recent wave of Omicron swelling infections.

The mayor, Guardiola, acknowledges that they have the right to speak out, but believes that his players have not been given the credibility they deserve after overcoming difficult times.

The Spaniards said: Sometimes it’s the money we have, sometimes it’s Covid. do not know. what can I say?

“But pandemics are everywhere in the world, and viruses are everywhere. We are exposed every minute every day to get them.

“We have had many incidents and injuries. We played Aston Villa with 11 players on our first team.

“In the last 6-7 games, there have been 4-5 academy players on the bench. We are in the same situation as all other clubs.

The point so far has been the quality of the players.

Pep Guardiola

“It’s not that we’re not smarter than others, or because we’re running a better protocol than others, the virus is bubbled and everyone is suffering, so it’s no exception.

“It’s okay today, but in a few hours it could be four or five positives. That’s why we have to adapt, adjust and solve what we have to do.

“The rest depends on the quality of the players so far, which is the main reason.”

At the FA Cup Thailand in Swindon last week, there were no 21 first team members in the city, including Guardiola himself and seven senior players.

Guardiola and some players will be back this weekend, but there were even more positive cases at the camp. The club has not disclosed which players are positive or currently negative.

Guardiola himself missed the FA Cup tie in Swindon last weekend (Martin Rickett / PA)

(PA wire)

Due to the high number of incidents, the city could call for a reorganization of the match on Saturday, but this is not their idea and Guardiola is confused about regulation.

“We’re trying to play,” said Guardiola, who won the last 11 games of the Premier League and avoided the postponement. “If you have 11 or 12 players, that’s enough.

“There are Cole Palmer, James McAtee, and the other players we’re trying to play. There are enough players.

“I don’t know what’s important. Is it just a covid or an injury? Injuries happen all the time, so I don’t know the rules when the Premier League is canceled or canceled.

“In many cases, the first team player was only 12 and the keeper, so I played.”

Josep Guardiola counterattacks Thomas Tuchel’s allegations against Covid

Source link Josep Guardiola counterattacks Thomas Tuchel’s allegations against Covid

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