Joshua Buazzi can dominate the world with minor changes to his style-Barry McGuigan

Joshua Buatsi writes superstars everywhere in his box office, both inside and outside the ring. This is a true poster boy of our sport.

But if he wants to reach his potential in the bright red light heavyweight division, he needs to add two important aspects to the game.

Buazzi is so upright and stationary that he is likely to be a good fighter target, as he discovered in his last match against the talented Marco Carrick.

He needs to learn how to move his upper body in rhythm so that he can slide the punch and keep the punch distance.

This allows him to fight back against his opponent without having to adjust his legs again.

He also needs to adjust his height when attacking enemies, bend his knees and throw body punches, changing his body and head attacks.

I know he is eager to fight for the world title, but there are some very tough fights at home before he reaches the star.

Joshua Buazzi plays Daniel Dos Santos

Karam Johnson, Lyndon Arthur, Anthony Yarde and Craig Richards will all be a tremendous learning battle for him.

As an Olympic bronze medalist, it was clear that Buatch was talented. Born in Accra, he has the hardness of Ghana about him.

He can change beautifully from long range to medium range. He can KO with a single shot or combination, fire a long left hook and rake his right hand.

But, as he found against Karrick, he can present a target that is too simple.

He will make his third defense of his WBA international title against Daniel Dos Santos in Manchester on Saturday.

Then, before he starts thinking about things like WBO champion Joe Smith and WBA champion Dmitry Bivol, at least two more battles are needed to resolve the flaws.

Karrick caused the Buatch problem early on. He has a long lever and is heavy. He opened the box far away from the jab and found the target directly above.

Buazzi’s face, especially his left eye, was beginning to mark up. He had to change the story, and did so by closing the distance and robbing Karrick’s range.

He deserves recognition for his achievements. His ability to adapt to battle and change tack is central to his outlook.

He began to turn the tide in the fifth and ended like a train to prove his energy and class when he felt blood in the seventh.

But as he level up, his opponent switches to it, and he needs to be better prepared to deal with the elite company.

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Joshua Buazzi can dominate the world with minor changes to his style-Barry McGuigan

Source link Joshua Buazzi can dominate the world with minor changes to his style-Barry McGuigan

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