Just Stop Oil eco-enthusiasts who brought the M25 to a halt again include mechanic and grandmother

A bicycle mechanic has been released on bail for destroying an M25 by throwing paint at Van Gogh on behalf of a grandmother of four and her student. just turn off the oil today.

Tes Burns, 34, Diane Hecht, 68, Phoebe Plummer, 21, and Tom Gardener, who appears to be in his 20s, scaled the gantry to paralyze the road network. rice field.

internal and external police forces London They had declared themselves ready to face the protesters, but still managed to fend them off and climb the huge road structure unhindered.

The capital’s student, Plummer, is currently out on bail for throwing Heinz’s tomato soup at Van Gogh’s £76 million sunflower painting in the National Gallery.

The protester, who goes by the name Ziggy Stardyke on Twitter, has taken part in several large Just Stop Oil demonstrations, including sticking to the road to stop traffic.

Today she declared:

Capital city student Phoebe Plummer is currently out on bail for throwing Heinz's tomato soup over Van Gogh's £76 million sunflower painting at the National Gallery.

Capital city student Phoebe Plummer is currently out on bail for throwing Heinz’s tomato soup over Van Gogh’s £76 million sunflower painting at the National Gallery.

Just Stop Oil advocate Tom Gardener has been on the gantry of the M25 freeway for four days in a row as part of a campaign to demand that the government stop all new oil and gas licenses and consents. I climbed.

Grandmother: Diane Hecht, 68, who has four grandchildren, climbed one of the M25’s gantries this morning

This is the moment a passerby intervenes when Just Stop Oil regular Tez Burns sprays the MI5 building in Westminster with orange paint.

“I understand people must be frustrated with us, and rightly so, as we race toward climate catastrophe, we have to disrupt our daily lives. And yet governments continue to betray me, my generation, and the people of the global South by issuing new petroleum licenses.’

Elsewhere in the London Circular, Diane Hekt, 68, a pensioner and grandmother of four, also dodged police and climbed onto the gantry.

She participated in the Insulate Britain blockade, and was found to have broken an injunction prohibiting protests at the Kingsbury Oil Terminal on September 20th of this year.

Hecht, who was heard in court and was living only on a public pension, was sentenced to 25 days in prison with a suspended sentence.

She said today from the gantry between junctions 8 and 9: I am the police arriving soon.

“I’m here because I feel the need. There’s no reason I should. I was really worried about distracting drivers. What can we do?”

Phoebe Plummer went viral last month when Heinz’s tomato soup was used in Vincent van Gogh’s £76 million masterpiece

Activists were unable to be stopped by police this morning with banners reading ‘Just Stop Oil’ above electronic traffic signs along the M25

Further down the road was Tez, from Swansea who uses the pronouns they and them.

Tez was tackled to the ground by a civilian last month while spraying orange paint from a fire extinguisher on an MI5 building in Millbank, Westminster.

Protesters today called for “an urgent response to the climate and cost of living crises: insulate homes, nationalize public transport, subsidize and invest in renewable energy.

Please stop paying us lip service and do something meaningful. Stop issuing new fossil fuel licenses now.

And just like yesterday, Animal Rebellion activists joined in solidarity with Just Stop Oil.

Nottingham systems engineer Tom Gardener was photographed atop the gantry after bypassing law enforcement.

Police officers try to stop activists holding a banner reading ‘Just Stop Oil’ over an electronic traffic sign along the M25 on Thursday.

Just Stop Oil supporters climbed the highway gantries around the M25 for the fourth consecutive day as part of a campaign demanding the government stop all new oil and gas licenses and consents.

Eco-fanatics have launched another series of protests causing chaos on the M25 motorway. Groundhog the police can’t stop he’s a devastating gantry stunt that’s starting to feel like a day. (Photo: Junctions targeted so far this week)

He said: “We see an absolute disregard and lack of leadership from those in power in this country.

“Rishi Sunak, Suella Braverman and the rest of the government are urging people across this country to do the right thing and stop all new oil and gas licenses and invest in a renewable energy and plant-based future. I am asking.”

Campaigners wanting to ban new gas and oil drilling licenses have repeatedly targeted dangerous spots on the Circle Line since Monday. A billboard is spread across the street, showing how traffic is surging beneath it.

The action began on Thursday when the Metropolitan Police said they were dealing with a person in the gantry near Junction 25 at Waltham Cross, near the border with Hertfordshire. Police said one person was subsequently arrested and the road was due to be reopened soon.

Meanwhile, Surrey Police said officers were dealing with activists who climbed the gantry between Junctions 7 and 8. Two people were arrested and the stretch resumed.

The National Highway said there had been “multiple police-led incidents” on the M25 this morning, but they were all over and one lane between junctions 28 and 29 on the A127 was also reopened after being closed.

Junction 16 (M40) and Junction 15 (M4) of M25 were also blocked counterclockwise but are now fully functional.

Elsewhere, Kent police arrested five suspects after pulling five demonstrators near the M25 in Westerham. Meanwhile, Essex Police said they handcuffed a woman as she attempted to scale a gantry about 1.5 miles clockwise from Junction 28.

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