Just Stop Oil protesters seek to expand Downing Street gates

Just Stop Oil protesters downing street On the 32nd day of action government Suspend all new oil and gas licenses.

22 protesters arrived at 11:20 am on Tuesday white hall One group blocks a busy central London Some sat on the road and decided their route, sticking to the tarmac, while others tried to climb the gates to Downing Street.

Videos posted in groups twitter According to the description, several protesters in distinctive orange reflective vests were seen jumping over a small gate in an attempt to scale the front door to the street where the prime minister lives and works. rice field.

Police yelled “Give way” and “Come back” as armed police stopped some protesters from jumping over a small gate and eliminated a woman who was climbing the main gate.

The activists were dragged towards a police van by officers while the public filmed and watched.

According to the Met’s Twitter account for the event, officers are aware of protesters in Whitehall and Downing Street and are addressing the issue at the scene.

A Just Stop Oil spokesperson said:

“We also demand that he make a U-turn on new oil and gas. It will kill millions of people.

“It’s time to impose a serious contingent tax on big oil without jailbreak-free tax credits to encourage more oil and gas than we can afford.

“Vulnerable people will be freezing to death at home this winter, they won’t be able to afford cans of soup, and governments will refuse to tax the rich and big energy companies that profit from our misery. .

“Young people have an obligation to stop fossil fuels, workers have an obligation to achieve a just transition to a zero carbon economy, and older people have an obligation to ensure they live in dignity. are not ready to stand by and watch everything they love be destroyed.”

I have asked the police to comment.

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/downing-street-whitehall-government-london-twitter-b2215192.html Just Stop Oil protesters seek to expand Downing Street gates

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