Justin Welby denies tensions with King Charles, says coronation will be ‘very representative’

of archbishop The King of Canterbury has denied allegations of tensions with the monarch over the involvement of religious leaders, so he said the king’s coronation would be “deeply representative” of the country.

Justin Welby When asked about reports of “tension” between church leaders and the church, he replied, “Absolutely not.” charles The issue claimed to have delayed the publication of the service order for the ceremony.

King It has championed interfaith dialogue and celebrated the major non-Christian faiths practiced in Britain for many years.

However, the Mail on Sunday said the king’s request for church leaders to take a more active role in faith leaders of religions such as Judaism and Islam during the coronation on May 6. reportedly resisting.

There’s a deeper meaning to it – not just reflecting our heritage, but the fact that we’re infinitely more diverse than we were in 1953.

Archbishop of Canterbury

Mr Welby told the BBC:

The senior cleric is believed to have made his comments when joining the chief rabbi Ephraim Milvis At a homeless charity in central London, leading figures in the Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist communities called on Britons to volunteer over the coronation weekend.

Asked about the allegations of tension, the Archbishop replied:

“There is a deep feeling here that not only reflects our heritage, but also the fact that we are infinitely more diverse than we were in 1953.”

The King caused controversy in 1994 when he spoke of his desire to be a “Defender of the Faith” rather than a “Defender of the Faith” as monarch. This created the potential for great changes in the ancient relationship between the Church of England and the monarchy.

Charles later said in 2015 that he was a “defender of the faith” and believed it was possible to be a defender of the faith, and was declared a defender of the faith at the Membership Council in September.

At a reception for religious leaders after the Queen’s death, he described himself as “a devoted Anglican Christian” and “will take oaths at his coronation in connection with the reconciliation of the Church of England”. Stated.

However, he argued that sovereigns should “ensure that, through the religions, cultures, traditions, and beliefs to which our hearts and minds are directed, including the protection of the faith itself and the space for its practice. He said he believed there was an additional, less formally recognized duty to “protect the diversity of the country…we as individuals”.

A senior church official involved in planning the coronation said:

“Lambeth Palace and Buckingham Palace have fully agreed on all aspects of the coronation and look forward to sharing details of the service in the coming weeks.”

https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/royal-family/king-charles-coronation-justin-welby-tensions-b2323201.html Justin Welby denies tensions with King Charles, says coronation will be ‘very representative’

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