Kanye West “buys a bachelor’s pad in Belgium” during Kim Kardashian’s divorce

Kanye West purchased a bachelor pad in Belgium during her divorce from Kim Kardashian. It was claimed yesterday.

The 44-year-old rapper surprised the inhabitants who saw him in the upscale suburbs near the capital Antwerp.


Kanye West is said to have a new bachelor padCredit: Getty

He started a conversation with a new neighbor who admitted that he had never heard of him.

Peter Hoste said: “I think Kanye found it interesting that he had no idea who he was.”

An American star wanted a new kitchen and asked Axel Vervolt, a well-known Flanders fellow art dealer, to refurbish it.

Sources close to interior designers have confirmed details of the sale of luxury pads to the Flanders newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws.

Vervolt, who previously designed Kanye and Kim Kardashian’s parents’ home last night, declined to comment on the new purchase of Kanye.

A spokeswoman said: “Axel Vervolt confirms that American musician Kanye West is a personal friend and is working on several projects.

“I can’t confirm rumors that Kanye West might have bought an apartment here.”

Kim was accused of throwing a shade at his ex-husbandAppeared following a report of his affair.

The deleted Instagram story implies that she was with the “wrong person” in a post that many believe the reality star turned into a business tycoon and swipe in Kanye. doing.

The star immediately posted a quote in her Instagram story before removing it.

Kim’s story included a screenshot of a quote that said, “You never wanted much, you just wanted the wrong person.”

Fans quickly pointed out that the post could have been about a father to her four children.

One fan wrote on Twitter:

Another wrote: “Kim K is very shaded at I Glmaooo. It deleted the post.”

The deleted Instagram post comes after Kanye was reportedly bragging about having sex with Christina Milian.

I don’t know if he was fooled Kim Christina, now 39, seems to have admitted to having a brief sex session a few years ago, insiders claimed.

One source told Sun earlier that his four fathers, who admitted to sleeping with groupies behind Kim during the tour, were “turned over.”

Now they also admit that he hooked up with Christina.

Source said: “Kanye was blurring it all during a conversation witnessed only by members of his team.

“He was open to tricking Kim into being surprised, and announced that he suddenly hooked up with Christina Milian.

“Kanye had a very short time after spending the night in the club, but he was proud to say how good sex was.”

Deleted Kim's


Deleted Kim’s “suspicious” post
Kanye has been called a scammer since the split


Kanye has been called a scammer since the split
Kim Kardashian wears a strange outfit after sharing a love song in “Conflict Feelings” about Kanye West’s split

Kanye West “buys a bachelor’s pad in Belgium” during Kim Kardashian’s divorce

Source link Kanye West “buys a bachelor’s pad in Belgium” during Kim Kardashian’s divorce

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