Kate Beckinsale: My comments about my IQ are deliberately twisted

Kate Beckinsale claimed her words were “intentionally twisted” after suggesting that her high IQ might have been a “handicap” in her acting career, making her “excellent.” He reported that he showed it to “or arrogance.”

Earlier this week, Hollywood star revealed at the Howard Stern Show on US radio station SiriusXM that her IQ score was tested as 152 as a kid.

However, she suggested that her intellect might have been the “handicap” of her career.

Beckinsale shared a long response on Instagram that criticized some of them, following many articles published by US outlets about her comments.

A 48-year-old London-born actress said she faced a “dilemma” when asked about IQ by Stern.

“Tell me the truth? Refuse to answer the question? Lie? Pretend to be low? I told the truth, and some journalists were caused by this,” she said. Said.

“Are we really jumping at women to honestly answer questions about women’s intelligence and education? To not be offended, we are still demanding that women be stunned by themselves. Do you want? “

The Underworld star attended all the girls’ schools where she didn’t have to worry that she “may not be feminine if she raised her hand” and later attended Oxford University, “only intellectual discussion was encouraged. Instead, all points of attendance were encouraged. “

She added:

“When I say it’s a handicap in Hollywood, it’s accurate because being a woman and having an opinion doesn’t make you uncomfortable, or, as in this case, a sense of superiority or arrogance. It needs to be packaged very carefully so that it is not intentionally twisted as it means. “

Kate Beckinsale at Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2019 (Ian West / PA)

Beckinsale suggested a reaction to her comment that she claimed to “spin” her words “proudly” and “fully made clear” that this was still the case.

She continued. “As a woman who honestly answers questions about her IQ, I’ve been the subject of several articles that try to be ashamed of it. This is exactly what I mean by handicap.

“It’s very important to me that 60%, of course, many percent of women (Grazia Magazine, 2019) need to lie or be ridiculed in any situation to avoid being targeted. You shouldn’t feel it. “

To explain her claim, she shared a photo of the headline in Grazia’s article.

The article referred to a survey that more than half of the respondents admitted were “depressed” on the date.

Kate Beckinsale: My comments about my IQ are deliberately twisted

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