Katie Price blows up a “coward” troll sharing a blackface video mocking his son Harvey

Katie Price Blowed up a “coward” troll who shared a video mocking her eldest son Harvey After he was cleared by the judge.

In November, 43-year-old Philippe Louer, 52, shared a video of a man and a woman impersonating Katie and her son on Twitter.

In the video, a man who was not a defendant has a black face when recreating a 19-year-old 2016 interview. Loose woman He famously said: “Hello, c ***”.

Philip Lower was admitted by a judge on Thursday that he sent an offensive message through a public telecommunications network because it was a “joke” and was not intended to cause a crime.

Katie Price accuses “coward” trolls of sharing a video mocking her son Harvey

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Former glamor model Katie vowed to continue “fighting for justice” for Harvey when she left the Magistrates’ Court of Hasting.

She states: “That’s why I’m implementing Harvey’s Law. He’s overcome it and will probably laugh back.

“He’s a coward. We can have free speech, but we knew when something went wrong and he knew the video was wrong.”

The video ridiculed Harvey's 2016 appearance at Loose Women
The video ridiculed Harvey’s 2016 appearance at Loose Women

Katie says the video is the
Katie says the video is the “most vulgar clip” she’s ever seen

Katie added that the verdict may “encourage others,” and she felt “disappointed” after being told that there was “not enough evidence” to prosecute others involved. Said that.

She continued. “They should have followed it to get an example of you being prosecuted, there are results-really, when it proves that you can mock a child with a disability online and escape with it.

“I’m sick of seeing them laughing at us and saying,’Haha, he quit it, we quit it.'”

Katie met Philip in a witness box at a hearing, where she called the video the most sneaky clip she’s ever seen.

Katie was supported in court by fiancé Karl Woods
Katie was supported in court by fiancé Karl Woods

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She said she decided to “do something about it,” and said, “I thought this was something I absolutely dislike. They are clearly racists and can paint their skin. Because it was done.

“They imitate his way of speaking and make eye movements. They are ridiculing me and him together. He can’t protect himself.”

Philip was asked why Prosecutor Elizabeth Green posted the video, “That was the mid-way they did about it. She had a push-up bra, was stuck in a fake tan, and was stuck. He is black … “

He added that the guy in the video “plays the character badly,” and that the Loose Women clip on which it was based would be “historic.”

He continued to defend himself, admitting that people used blackface “up to Little Britain”, but the case was “a very tough experience.”

He continued to apologize, but said, “I didn’t think it was offensive,” and “I didn’t think people were offended.”

Katie Price blows up a "coward" troll sharing a blackface video mocking his son Harvey

Source link Katie Price blows up a "coward" troll sharing a blackface video mocking his son Harvey

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