Katie Price reveals her son Harvey at home after a hospital dash following the jab

Katie Price said her son Harvey returned home after being taken to the hospital in response to the coronavirus vaccine.

The 18-year-old Harvey first took the Oxford / AstraZeneca jab on Friday because of his vulnerable personal qualifications.

However, Harvey reportedly started “uncontrollable trembling” after vaccination and had to go to the hospital.

Katie Price took her son Harvey to the hospital (credit: SplashNews.com)

What does Katie Price say about Harvey?

Sharing a video on her Instagram story, Katie said: “Where did Harvey go last night?” Harvey replied: “Hospital.”

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Katie continued. “What happened the day before yesterday? There was an injection.”

The star added: “Harvey is safe at home and I’m fine today. Harvey is all good.”

Harvey received the first dose of the vaccine on Friday (credit: BBC)

Katie says Harvey is “absolutely in shape”

She continued. “Due to Harvey’s complex needs and the complex medications he is taking, he had a COVID. [jab] Oxford stuff.

“He reacted. The reaction was really, really hot 39.9, and obviously in Harvey, I really have to take my eyes off.

“I called Great Ormand Street and was told to go to the nearest A & E.

“You had x-rays, blood, and an electrocardiogram. Everything was fine, they said it was a reaction from Covid. [vaccine]..

“But today he’s in perfect shape.”

Katie Price and her son Harvey
Katie said Harvey went home and said “everything is good” (credit: Instagram story)

It will come later 5 mothers Katie revealed that her son had been vaccinated, saying he was “very brave.”

Talk to Sun, Star said: “It felt strange to be in a school hall where everyone was sitting in chairs in a row one meter away.

“Harvey was the youngest we’ve seen there and everything was smooth, calm and professional. Harvey was very brave and everyone was very kind.”

Harvey and Katie Price
18-year-old Harvey responded badly to the COVID-19 vaccine (credit: FlynetPictures.co.uk / SplashNews.com)

The 18-year-old is autistic, partially blind, and suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome.

Katie previously said that his condition made patients always feel hungry and caused overeating.

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Katie said Sun November: “It’s a cruel illness. He’s always hungry. Every time I feed him, it kills him.”

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Katie Price reveals her son Harvey at home after a hospital dash following the jab

Source link Katie Price reveals her son Harvey at home after a hospital dash following the jab

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