Kettering General Hospital defends inclusiveness with a new initiative celebrating Black History Month

Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (KGH) Supports Black History Month[i] Launch your own exciting “proud” campaign to share inspirational stories from staff and promote diversity and inclusiveness throughout the trust.

Black History Month (BHM) runs until October, and this year encourages black and brown people of all ages and allies to share what they are “proud” on social media.[ii].. KGH goes one step further and shares role model stories from staff of all backgrounds to uphold the inclusiveness of the entire group.

This comprehensive approach of sharing what everyone is “proud” begins with new staff video Introduced by Andy Callow, Group Chief Digital Information Officer (Executive Sponsor of Group Reach Staff Network) and Simon Weldon, Group CEO *

Every October, the group shares inspirational stories from staff with employees and outlines how they reached today’s location. The purpose is to promote a deeper understanding by learning and sharing experiences with people from different backgrounds and cultures. The four role model stories are:

  • Rabia Imtiaz, Interim Medical Director, raised in Dubai and the first Muslim, Asian and female medical director in the UK
  • Rudo Chimera, Clinical Specialist Respiratory Physiotherapist and Therapeutic Cardiopulmonary Team Leader, moved from Zimbabwe to the UK in 2004
  • Steve Crickler, Chief of Surgery, who had a paternal grandparent in English but born in Lithuania
  • Sreejith Nair, clinical skills and simulation trainer who moved from India in 2011

KGH provides acute care services to people in North Northamptonshire and South Leicestershire. They are one of the largest employers in the region, with approximately 4,000 staff, of whom approximately 25% are black, Asian and ethnic minorities.

KGH’s initiative is part of a broader goal of promoting positive change affecting staff equality, diversity and inclusiveness, and promoting a safe and confidential environment for raising issues and concerns. is. To do this, the hospital has established many equality, diversity and inclusiveness (EDI) networks open to all staff.

All networks are fully supported by the leadership team and sponsored by the board of directors. Each network has at least one Co-Chair. The Co-Chairs will be given one day of protected time each month to focus on the network. In the event of a problem, Co-Chair and the network work closely with HR to manage, address and resolve the problem.

The largest EDI network is REACH (Racial, Ethnic, Cultural Heritage), but disability and welfare network, LGBTQ + network, network for overseas medical professionals (nurses, doctors, related medical staff), staff and apprentices. A gender equality network that addresses all the important needs of younger members and handles everything from gender pay gap issues to childcare.

Carol Burner, Interim Head of Equality Diversity & Inclusion at KGH, said: The purpose is to deepen and promote understanding of some of the problems and challenges people face.

“We believe that each of us is special and brings a unique experience to each role. By introducing some of our employees who really inspire us, we are of race. We want to break down barriers and encourage people to learn from each other, regardless of their background or background.

“At the heart of this is that all individuals should not be afraid of discrimination or prejudice in order to reach their full potential, and career opportunities and work experiences are pre-existing by ethnicity, nationality and color. It is the group’s perception that it has not been decided. “

During BHM, Group Chief Digital Information Officer Andy Callow will take an active role as a board sponsor of REACH, providing an online workshop for all staff on “presentation skills and speaking in public”. ..

Andy Callow is pleased to perform this session as requested by the REACH network. He understands that this is a great opportunity for staff to improve their skills, demonstrating board involvement in EDI strategies and helping both hospitals make positive progress on a journey of inclusiveness.

For the proud to be a video, please find the link below.

UHN Black History Month 2021 – YouTube

* Kettering General Hospital has recently become a group hospital and has joined the Northampton General Hospital. The Northamptonshire University Hospital (UHN) NHS Group entered into force in July 2021.However, the two hospitals will remain separate organizations[iii]..

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Kettering General Hospital defends inclusiveness with a new initiative celebrating Black History Month

Source link Kettering General Hospital defends inclusiveness with a new initiative celebrating Black History Month

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