Kia Sorento Plugin Hybrid 2021 Long Term Review

5-year-old voice from the back seat Kia Sorento I was seriously excited as if I had found Captain Hook’s treasure buried there. I was very shocked. Incredible. There is a button! “

Everyone, that’s it. The key to appealing a car to a small child is to give the child a button to play with. This is the end of the lesson.

And it really summarizes our new Sorrento: a kind of careful interior planning that makes the car journey easier, focusing on the family up to T. The next few months will be a plug-in hybrid flavor that combines a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine with a 90bhp electric motor. The total torque is 258lbft and 0-62mph takes 8.4 seconds. It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s a half-hearted number, but thanks to its torque and infill from the electric motor, Sorrento has a kind of midrange punch that makes it easier to get on the highway.

This car doesn’t need to do any more. Its 13.8kWh battery offers a range of only 35 miles of electricity from a full charge, and unlike some PHEVs, it’s not too far away so far. Sorrento recently managed 25 miles on a long, healthy-paced highway before switching to petrol. And it was with the air conditioner on and the radio on. When wandering around in the backstreets or running at school, battery power alone covers most of your family’s miles very happily.

Currently, you can only access standard household plugs, but the longest time you’ve seen on a single charge so far is 6 hours. In other words, a kind of timescale, which means an overnight juice up, can easily and completely replenish the battery. In fact, while working at home these days, it also means that the car will be full by the time the school runs in the afternoon after getting off in the morning. None of this is exciting for a dance-a-jig, but Sorrento has tackled the challenge so far in terms of meeting that overview.

We had it for 3 weeks and our tactic was to charge it when we could. Short local hops made it easy. As a result, it uses less gasoline for more than 500 miles (only 34.02 liters). So far, the electricity bill is 17 pounds. I would call it a decent return, but evidence will come later this week as I have a longer journey. It will be interesting to see what kind of economy they create. After all, this is a 2 ton SUV. Carrying a 140 kg battery will have an effect.

Kia Sorento Plugin Hybrid 2021 Long Term Review

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