Kick game to open in Manchester’s Arndale

UK sneaker and streetwear retailer Kick Game has opened a new store in Manchester as it continues to expand with a capital injection earlier this year.

The retailer will use this store to launch the largest collection outside London’s flagship store.

Manchester’s space features rare and exclusive sneakers such as the Air Jordan 1 and Easy, as well as streetwear brands Trapster, Supreme and Fear of God Essentials apparel.

Founded in 2013 by sneaker head brothers Robert and David Frank, Kickgame has entered the fast-growing market for exclusive and rare sold-out sneakers.

“Manchester is a very diverse city, with people of all disciplines from different cultures and backgrounds,” Robert said in a release.

“But one of the things that connects them is the mutual love of streetwear and sneaker culture. Kick Game is excited to be the hub of Manchester’s sneaker lovers community. I’m looking forward to it. ”

The new store is after the recent opening at Leeds Trinity Shopping Center and Bullring & Grand Central in Birmingham.

In September, Kick Game announced that it had secured an additional £ 3.5 million to expand to both the UK and Europe over the next two years.

Retailer revenue was projected to be £ 20m in the 12 months to November 30th, from £ 4.8m in 2008.

Based on current performance, retailers are currently forecasting £ 50m in sales by 2010.

Kick game to open in Manchester’s Arndale

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